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Thursday, 28 February 2019

Blog Updates?

My blog looks super boring. There are literally no images on the sidebar or anything interesting. Just text. Walls and walls of text. And nobody likes seeing loads of boring old words everywhere. I need images, lots and lots of images. There used to be a GIF of Noodle on the sidebar but I have no idea what happened to it.

Since this blog mainly talks about otome games, I think that it'll be a good idea to add some of those official otome banner things you find on Otomate's websites to the sidebar. Everybody else has them on their blogs, so I should too.

Be right back, just adding some awesome website banners!


I added a Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly banner (It's my favourite otome so how could I not?) and I also found a cute 707 one that I thought would look nice! (Shame there's no Ray banner though...) I am currently in the process of finding more. Hopefully they'll make my site look more interesting!!

A Very Short Common Route!

I am now able to say that I have finished reading Sweet Fuse's common route. It was surprisingly very short compared to what I'm used to, it was only around three or four chapters long! Luckily I got Meoshi's route, the one I wanted. I'm only at the beginning of it though. In this game it's actually quite easy to get affection points for the love interest you want, so you don't really need a walkthrough unless you're really stuck.

Earlier I complained about how blurry the game looked on my Vita's screen, but I'm used to it now. I don't think I'll go back to my PSP unless I have to. On Amazon I found someone selling the PSP version of DiaLovers Haunted Dark Bridal for really cheap so I may be buying that sometime soon, but that may be one of the only times I'll be using my PSP again. I would've played Sweet Fuse on the PSP if I had a physical copy, but unfortunately those seem to be really expensive.

I'm so happy because finally the two week Riverdale hiatus is over. I know the show's really cheesy but it became a weekly event where I'd watch it whilst eating dinner, so it felt weird when it wasn't on. They really like putting it on hiatus randomly for no reason whatsoever.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for today. See you later!

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Sweet Fuse

Well, today I started playing Sweet Fuse with the sound on after playing a tiny bit of it yesterday whilst I was out in public. At first I wasn't too sure about this game, but now I can say that I like it quite a lot!

I'm only on the 2nd Stage of the game so far, so I haven't actually entered anyone's route yet. I dunno when the common route actually branches either. There are five love interests and one secret one. I don't know who the secret character is though and how you unlock him. So far I like all of the love interests, but I think that one of them is a bit too old for Saki (The MC) since he looks like he's fifty or something and she's still in secondary school. Personality-wise, they're all quite diverse. I can't remember most of their names yet, but you've got the nerdy-gaming-shut-in one, the boy band singer, the tough guy, the older man, the mysterious crystal ball person and the cop. It's super easy to get affection points for them. I decided that first I was gonna go for Meoshi, the gamer one, because I was interested in him before I even got the game and I normally just play my favourite one first.

Normally I don't really care much about whether the MC's a blank slate or not, because I self insert, but I really do like Saki. She has the best personality out of every otome MC I've played as so far. She's not shy and she doesn't let anybody push her around. There's this feature that pops up throughout the story (I forgot what it's called, sorry) where you have to make her think and find details that can help her solve puzzles. The first time I did one I got it right, but the second time I got it wrong twice and it led me to a bad ending where they all die, meaning that you have to be good at this mini game to actually make it through the story without using a walkthrough. I do enjoy otome games that are actually slightly challenging.

The art and the music are both really nice. The drawings are slightly different and more cartoony to your typical otome, but I think it fits the story really well. Not everybody's drawn to be perfect and really attractive like most other games too, which is interesting. The backing music is really video-gamey and sometimes you can actually hear people singing random stuff in English instead just instrumental pieces all the time.

The game is really great so far. I'm glad I bought it instead of Hatoful Boyfriend. Tomorrow I might have even played far enough to get onto a route! See you all later!

Tuesday, 26 February 2019


(Spoilers down below!)

Ukyo's route ended so tragically! Not much happened in the rest of the route, but that was because I had actually made a lot of bad choices, so many that I ended up in one of those inescapable bad ends. The bad end was that I got murdered by Ukyo in my own apartment!

So it took me almost an hour to start the route from the beginning on fast forward, and I realised that I had missed a whole lot of juicy romance scenes because of my choices. I chose to stay inside a lot so I missed out on some moments with Ukyo and some very pretty CGs.

The final ending was so beautifully tragic. My theory that Ukyo had been travelling to different worlds to see the MC had been proven correct. It was super sad when the MC got locked in a temple/shrine/I can't remember by those fan club girls then set on fire. Why can't those losers just give her a break? It's funny, they've been featured in the game so much but the artist didn't even bother to give them eyes.

Then Ukyo came and rescued her and they ran into the university and he stabbed himself to save the MC and the CG looked so sad... I thought they were gonna kill him off for good, but him and the MC still got their happily ever after, just because that god guy was willing to change the laws of fate or something to let them both live. The worst part is was that I was out of the house so I couldn't put the sound on to hear the dramatic voice acting.

When I first started playing Amnesia, I saw Ukyo and I immediately thought of V from Mystic Messenger. I guessed that he would be a photographer, and I was right! I like him more than V though, because he's not annoying or whiny.

Anyways, I've now gotten every single good ending on Amnesia, which means I'm done for now. I might go back later and get all of the CGs, because for some reason I have quite a few missing. I hope that at least some of them are bad ending exclusives! Even though most games don't give you trophies for getting every single ending, this one does. I currently have around 20% of the total achievements. Looking at that makes it seem like I haven't played much, but it doesn't really matter. I might get some of the normal endings, but I prefer to only aim for the good endings + the most interesting bad endings.

I decided to start Sweet Fuse today. I really should've waited until I got home so that I could turn the sound on and see the opening movie. Because it's a PSP game, it looks quite blurry on my Vita, but I'm just gonna have to get used to it or buy a USB cable to transfer it onto my PSP instead. Even though the blurriness is annoying, I get to configure the game to work with my Vita's touch screen, meaning that I can click the touch screen to advance the story instead of pressing the X button all the time! I literally am only a few sentences into the story, I haven't even met any of the love interests yet. The first thing I did when I opened the game was change the MC's name. I know she's her own character and all that, but I play video games so that I can pretend to be someone else, not so I can control someone else's life. I am excited for this game. This was actually the last PSP game to be released in North America, I think. It's strange because there are a lot of games that were released when the Vita was already a thing. I suppose there was still enough people playing the PSP for them to release it, even though it was almost ten years after it had come out at that time. I suppose it's good for the people who still use older consoles if new games are still being made for them.

Tomorrow I will continue playing Sweet Fuse. I'm not gonna use a walkthrough unless I get a bad ending. I'm just gonna see who I get based on the choices I make, except I'm not gonna try and aim for everybody at once because last time that happened, everybody died and I ended up still single. The love interests her look different to your typical otome bishounen, they're not all really young adults/teenagers with perfect faces and no facial hair. This should be quite fun to play.

But that's all I have to say for today. See you all later!

Monday, 25 February 2019


(Spoilers down below!)

I played more of Ukyo's route until my Vita's battery went in the red zone. It's pretty good so far. I'm at least halfway through now, but there hasn't been any kissing or anything, the only thing that's happened is that Ukyo's confessed his love.

I'm just gonna spill my thoughts on it randomly here.

One thing I've noticed is that Mine's name sometimes gets spelt as "MIne". This has happened multiple times. It even happened with Rika's name being spelt as "RIka". Maybe the writer kept clicking on his caps lock button too late? Aksys Games always have these weird typos in their products. You would've thought that they'd get someone to proofread their work. EDIT MADE MANY, MANY MONTHS LATER: I found out long after writing this that Aksys didn't actually localise this, it was Idea Factory themselves. Oops, ignore that information error.

Speaking of Rika, it's strange seeing her actually act nice towards the MC here. I am so annoyed with Ikki's stupid fan club. They seem to be problematic in almost every route. It's weird because now I know of two otome game antagonists called Rika. I think this one isn't as bad as Mystic Messenger's one though.

This is the only route where the MC doesn't start off with a boyfriend at the beginning of August. It's gonna be hard for the MC to get into a romantic relationship with Ukyo because he's one of those love interests where they love the MC but push her away at the same time.

I actually think Ukyo is a spirit or has a spirit in him or something. Maybe he'll find out about Orion later?? He doesn't know anything about the amnesia yet, but I predict that he actually secretly knows about it. It reminds me, I'm pretty sure that in Ikki's route, he never actually found out about MC's amnesia. Or maybe he did, I can't remember!

Uh, what other opinions did I have on this route?? I can't remember. I haven't even completed it yet.

I dunno if I'm gonna go back and get the bad endings afterwards. You get an achievement for it, so maybe I will at a later date after I've done Sweet Fuse, and C:R: Future Blessings, which I will be getting very soon! I have already gotten some of the bad endings. To be honest, I'm not really interested in them unless they're really long or if they have CGs. Apparently Toma has a CG with one of his bad endings, so I might get that.

Also, after I've done all of these games in my backlog, I'm thinking about buying the first PSP Diabolik Lovers game (my Japanese isn't that good but I have fan translations!) and Collar X Malice. I really wanna play Collar X Malice because the artwork looks so nice! I heard it's by the same person who did Amnesia. Also, I'm super interested in the love interests. Whenever I'm purchasing/downloading otome games, I always look at the LIs first because they're the reason I play these games. I know people play it for the plot but I play it for the romance and character interactions.

If I get a PSP game it'll feel weird going back to that. I still love my PSP but I haven't touched it much since my Vita joined the gang. It's a lot smaller and it's harder playing it in public because of the loud disc drive, but I might as well use it since I only just bought a battery for it last year, plus there are no region locks, like the Vita, so I can play all of the older Japan-exclusive otome titles that'll be way cheaper than the Vita ones!

I hope at least a few more otome games get released for the Vita, even though the Switch is the new home for them. We did get London Detective Mysteria very recently, so maybe there's still hope? I don't really mind if they're digital since I have my memory card now. It's a shame that they've stopped producing both the cartridges and consoles now. I wonder if Sony will ever enter the handheld market again? I hope they do. Handhelds are my favourite types of consoles, since they're more personal and private and you can take them anywhere. My first handheld was actually the DSi XL and the battery is still really good on it almost nine years later.

That's enough rambling for me today. Hopefully I'll finish Ukyo's route tomorrow. I've charged my Vita up ready. Then I'll be able to start on Sweet Fuse. I am excited for that, but it's a shame that I won't be able to use the touch screen with it. Goodbye!

Sunday, 24 February 2019

A Very Scary Bad Ending!!!

Spoilers down below!

I got a very strange and quite scary bad ending on Ikki's route, probably because I mbade some very wrong choices. Those crazy girls from Ikki's fan club tried to murder me! However, I didn't die, instead I woke up and the game ended on a cliff hanger when Ikki promised to make those girls pay for hurting me... Those fan club girls were absolutely horrible for the entire route!  I thought that I had only gotten this ending because of one bad choice, but when I went back to correct it I still got that ending!! I had to go back and use a walkthrough to get the good ending instead.

This means that I probably made bad choices throughout the entire route, too many to just get the normal ending. It's weird because I was trying to be as nice and as forgiving as possible to Ikki, but it didn't get me anywhere!

At least the good ending was nice. I completed it yesterday so it's not very fresh in my mind, but I remember it being super romantic. Now I'm at the very beginning of Ukyo's route. It's strange because the MC doesn't actually start the route being his girlfriend, or so I think. I'm super excited for this, but I probably won't get to playing the rest of it until tomorrow.

See you all later!

Friday, 22 February 2019


I'm currently listening to the Wii Forecast Channel soundtrack. It's so nostalgic even though I never used that channel very much.

Anyway, I'm here to talk about Ikki's route. No, I haven't finished it yet. But I'm on like the 17th day or something so I'm almost there! Beware of spoilers.

So far, it's pretty good. I saved it on a very pretty CG where Ikki invited me over to his house and hugs me. I'm probably just gonna spill out a random list of thoughts like I did with the last post.

Ikki's fan club are super annoying, and the way he acts with them is also frustrating when I'm supposed to be his girlfriend. I'm not really sure if I chose the right answers on how to react to them, but only time will tell whether I get the good ending or not. Mine also decided to be a cow in this route too. I thought that she was supposed to be my friend!

They all claim that Ikki has like these magical eyes that cause any woman to fall in love with him. I wonder if it's actually gonna be a supernatural thing or not, but again, only time will tell. I just have to keep reading. I dunno if they're gonna go down that route because the story's been pretty realistic so far, except for the whole bit where a spirit bumps into me and inhabits my brain.

When I saw Ukyo in the cafe, I just felt sad, because I know that this has something to do with his route and parallel dimensions and all that. When I had a think about the whole parallel dimensions thing, it made me realise something. At the beginning, Orion told me to pick a world, because he doesn't know which one I'm actually from. But if there's supposed to be a different version of me in each world, where have they all gone? Or does any world I pick end up being the right one anyway so there isn't another version of me to run into??? I don't know. Maybe Ukyo's route will explain it.

I just want the game to just give me the choice to kiss Ikki soon, because all of the choices are just "...ummm, you're getting too close........." or something a bit too rude for my liking. I know the MC's supposed to be a bit unsure if he's really sincere and all that, and I would be in real life, but I just want to make some romantic advances! It's been 17 days and there's been no proper kiss and he hasn't even found out about my amnesia yet!!!

I might have more thoughts about this route that'll pop up after I've done with this post, but for now that's all I have to say. Have a nice day, and sorry about the abrupt conclusion!!!!

Oh yeah, I was gonna mention something else. There's this other Hakuoki game that got localised for the PSP where instead of just reading, you like actually get to fight and play as the love interests. Apparently the game's actually quite rubbish, but I kind of want it because there might be some romance in it...... It's on the PS Store, so if it ever goes on sale for really cheap, I might be able to buy it with the small bit of money left on my account! I forgot the name of the game though..................

Thursday, 21 February 2019


I got Kent's good ending without a walkthrough!! I thought I was doomed because I guessed on some of his maths questions and got a lot of them wrong, but apparently none of that mattered at all!

OK, so down below I'm just gonna spill a lot of unorganised thoughts that I had whilst playing his route. Beware of spoilers!!!!

I've realised in this post that I've referred to the game's heroine in the first person (because I self-insert) and just as "the MC" instead of just sticking to one. Sorry, but I can't be bothered to change it.

  • I really didn't like Mine at the beginning of the route, until the part when she realised that I wasn't dating the Manager. She was acting really mean, like I know she was in love, but I'm supposed to be her friend! Sometimes I just wanted to punch her. But the bits where she wasn't trying to steal my man, especially the bit where I went on the sleepover with her and Sawa, I enjoyed those bits. Maybe because I haven't had a girly sleepover in many years and I kind of  miss doing that with my friends... Oh dear, now I'm getting year 5 flashbacks...

  • The CGs definitely looked the best out of the three routes I've played so far. Especially the final ending one in London and the festival one. The artist really put a lot of effort in.

  • The romance here was the most normal. All of the issues that were present in the romantic relationship with Kent were like what most couples have to go through. Normally in otome games the romance is perfect and you never fight, but this actually had a bit of realism to it. I didn't have to deal with any crazy yanderes or suspicious attempted murdery stuff. Kent kind of grew throughout the route and learned how to become a better boyfriend, and him and the MC became better at communicating with each other.

  • It was so cool that Orion actually got to communicate with Kent. I'm not sure if he actually believed that there was actually a spirit, but it was still really awesome. This actually made him have more of an impact on the plot other than just helping out with the MC's amnesia.

  • Ukyo was being weird in this route again... I still believe my theory that it's the Ukyo from the parallel dimension where he's in love with me, and that the plot of his route requires him to travel to the other dimensions to save me or something... Sounds like a very tragic, but very romantic tale.

  • Near the end, I was wondering if Kent was actually going to go to London, and I felt bad when he missed his presentation because I was stupid enough to get hit by a car, which is one of my greatest fears. But it was great when at the end he actually did go, and I/the MC got to go with him. It's funny because England's my home country and it was weird self-inserting into a character who had moved there and who wasn't that used to speaking English yet. I suppose it's no different from self-inserting as any of the other hundreds of Japanese otome MCs. Kent's voice actor spoke English at the end too, which was very cute! And the end CG with Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in the background was so pretty! It feels nice seeing my home country in a foreign piece of media. I know that Code: Realize was also set in the UK, but it didn't really feel like it since the translators made them all speak like Americans.

So, in conclusion, this might be my favourite route yet. Shin's route was also really good, but since this one is fresher in my mind my brain thinks it's my favourite. (I don't know if that sentence made any sense.) Tomorrow morning, I'm going to start Ikki's route! I am excited for this one, even though I'm a bit scared of his fan club. Then it's on to Ukyo's, which I am also very hyped for.

I'll see you all later then!


Wednesday, 20 February 2019


(I sincerely apologise for the very unfunny title. It just felt like a joke I had to make.)

Hello, everybody!

I seem to be going through this game very quickly. It's only been on my Vita since Saturday and I've already completed two routes!

So, I suppose you all want to know what I thought about Toma's route. Well, maybe at least one of you does.

(Spoilers down below.)

I actually completed it early this morning, so it's not as fresh in my mind anymore. I ended up getting a bad ending and the normal ending before going back and getting the good ending with a walkthrough. For some reason I'm finding it difficult to figure out what to write about it.

Normally, I don't mind yandere characters, but that's only if I think they're hot and if I like them beforehand. Since I didn't really like Toma at the end of Shin's route, it put a bad taste in my mouth that carried over onto his own route.

So, I ended up getting to the bit where Toma puts you in a cage. I was actually expecting it to be a fancy cage, but no, it was a dog cage, without any blankets or nothing. Most of the yanderes I've played so far actually care about the MC's happiness and at least try to make things luxury for her.

It was really suspenseful during the bit when we found our mobile phone and Toma came back and tried to look for it. I was sitting on the edge of my seat hoping that he wouldn't catch me.

I'm trying to remember what else I wanted to say. People have already pointed out all of the weird things about this route so it's hard to come up with anything new to add.

The first bad ending I got was when I ran away from Toma's flat and I ran into Ukyo. I was a bit stupid, I made a choice that involved following him when I knew that it wouldn't lead to anything good. And he took me to a park, putting on a face that was not creepy at all, rambled on about how he's died thousands of times, then he said something that I found interesting.

He said something about him dying hundreds of times for a version of me from another world. I knew from somewhere that his route involved parallel dimensions, so I think that this line has something to do with that. Maybe he has to travel to every different world to protect me in his route? If so, it sounds very exciting. Then he said something about dying in a well, and then he chucked me in the well, and I died.

So I went back to before I made that choice, and tried to make choices that Toma would like, because I really didn't want to get the normal ending on my first try. I even thanked Toma for trapping me in that cage, thinking he'd like that, but no, he just went on about how I shouldn't trust men like him.

But I still ended up getting the normal ending. It all ends when Toma rips off my clothes and is probably about to do something very naughty, when I run outside in my underwear and get rescued by Shin. Toma mysteriously moves away, and everything is happy again, except for some strange reason, I still miss Toma, even though he did all of those horrible things to me.

So I went back to get the good ending, and it's not much better really. It also ends when Toma rips off your clothes. Instead of running away, the game made me say something stupid like "OH TOMA I LOVE YOU" and then you start dating for real. Also, it turns out that the people harassing you were just annoying fangirls from Ikki's Fan Club, because they thought that I was trying to steal their man. I really have no idea why I'd want to date Toma after all of this. He even thinks that himself, saying "You have really bad taste in men.". Why on Earth would I forgive the bloke who stuffed me in a dog cage, drugged me (I'd forgotten about that until now!) and almost raped me???

It's weird, because I'm normally quite forgiving with yandere characters. I was fine with Jumin, and I even enjoyed the bad ending with the pretty CG where he keeps you locked up forever. Even Saeran was a bit of a yandere when Rika's drugs made him lock you up and starve you. I was only forgiving for that one because I already really liked him, and because it wasn't really his fault. But why do I not like Toma that much? Maybe it's because I was never really into him romantically in the first place, and because I disliked him in the last route I played.

I know people really hate this route and everything about Toma, but I just thought it was alright. It's good if you're into that stuff, but for me it was just meh. Not absolutely terrible as some people say it was, but not actually really nice like Shin's route. I dunno. It hasn't changed my opinion on the game though, because I knew what I had signed up for before I purchased it. And the route must be doing something right, because I heard that Toma always wins the popularity polls over in Japan.

But he's old news now, because now I've started Kent's route. I picked it randomly again. Apparently Kent's route is quite good. Right now I'm not very far into it. All I know so far is that Kent is really inexperienced with dating, and that he likes giving out maths problems. Still, he's better than Toma.

I'm really enjoying everything about this game so far. It's a shame I'm progressing through it so quickly...

Tuesday, 19 February 2019


According to this Japanese website, you can get a Hakuoki themed credit card. Now I've seen everything.

There are more, too! You can get one for literally every Otomate game. If I ever move to Japan, I'm getting one of these.

The Dramatic Conclusion of Shin's Route


(Sorry if it sounds weird if I refer to the MC in first person, but she's designed to be more of a self insert character so it feels weird for me seeing her as someone else!)

So, in only two days, I finished Shin's route. That was because I was so immersed in the story that I absolutely could not put my Vita down. I'm not going to do an in-depth summary of it like I did in the last post because I'm absolutely shattered today so I can't be bothered to type much.

But what ended up happening was this dramatic attempted murder mystery story. Shin invited all of the original witnesses back to the holiday home where I fell off the cliff so that he could gather evidence. I had no idea who the culprit was gonna be, even though it was probably really easy to predict. Shin actually asked me but I wasn't really sure who to choose. The game gave me so many options to pick, so I just picked Ukyo because he seemed like a bit of a weirdo, but I was wrong. I wasn't going to find out until near the very end...

They weren't actually trying to find the culprit who pushed me, because that turned out to be just an accident. Someone found me at the bottom of the cliff and hit me so that blood came out, then just ran away. Basically it was an attempted murder.

Everybody left the mansion, some more stuff happened, until I got to find out who actually did it! And I would've never predicted it...

The person who tried to kill me at the bottom of the cliff was Toma. Yeah, I know he's a crazy yandere in his own route, but I didn't think he was gonna be a twat here too!

So what happened was, he found me at the end of the cliff, tried to rescue me, until I accidentally mistook him for Shin. And when his beloved childhood friend/crush was on the brink of death, he got triggered about some petty love triangle and beat me up, leaving me to die. And when his other dear friend was being blamed for it all, he didn't even bother to speak up. Wow, Toma, I can see that you're such a great friend!

And the game just kind of makes you forgive Toma, even though Shin doesn't really. If this was real life, I'd just be like "Go away mate, you're done, goodbye!" because I wouldn't want him as a friend anymore. What a loser. And it was all because of some stupid love triangle.

Then Toma hands himself into the police, and just release him like nothing happened! After that, a few more things happen and I ended up being alone with Shin, and then he suggests breaking up with me. As soon as he said that, I knew that I hadn't gotten the good ending. He breaks up with you so that he can make you fall in love with him again. How sad. I had already fallen in love with him in real life!

I had to then find a walkthrough so that I could go back and make all of the right choices so that I could get that good ending. There's also a bad ending but I don't want to have to mean to Shin to get that. I think I've found my own otome playing strategy! On the first play-through, I'm gonna try to get a good ending but fail terrible, then go back and use a walkthrough to get the happy ending.

The good ending's a lot nicer. You finally convince Shin to hold your hand, so that's cute. This route was really good. It'll probably end up being my favourite. I now have such a soft spot for Shin, he's actually the kind of boyfriend I'd want, well, he would be if he didn't call me an idiot all of the time. Sometimes he was such a dick towards me, like when he said I was very close to getting fat, right when I was straight out of the hospital. Oh well, he'll still be a worthy addition to my collection of husbandos! I hope there's a character song for him, because he has a very nice voice.

After completing Shin's route and feeling sad that there was no after story like what Code: Realize had, it was time for the next route! I wasn't really sure which one to pick, so I just closed my eyes and selected a random one. You'll never guess who I ended up with....... Toma.

People said that Toma's route is absolute rubbish, but I was still quite excited for it. I do enjoy me a good yandere. But Toma was a right dickhead in the last route, so I didn't want to date him straight away, but I suppose I'm stuck with him now.

Right now I'm at around the fifteenth day, and he hasn't tried anything funny with me yet, other than keeping me in his house like a prisoner. Apparently everybody hates me in this route, because they like stuffing my post box with eggs and sending me weird messages. I think I'm also a bit of a slut because loads of people send me emails because they want to get with me and I like meeting with Ikki in dark alleyways.

I was scared that I was going to see Shin and feel sad that I'm not in his route like, what happened with Van Helsing during every other Code: Realize route. But I only saw Shin like once, and this was when I came across this strange line:

I think something was lost in translation here. Apparently I won't die easily, even if I'm killed! It reminds me of a line from Infinity War.

I never really saw Shin (or anyone else, really) enough to miss him, because Toma was too busy keeping me inside of his house. But I have been seeing Ukyo a lot. There was this part of the game where he came out of nowhere and made this face:

I laughed out loud, it just was so unexpected, and that face, that face is just priceless. I thought Ukyo was just gonna be a calm, normal guy, but now I know he's a bit weird.

After that, I had a lot of almost fatal accidents, which just fed Toma's yandereness, making him want to keep me locked up inside. But he still took me out shopping. It gave me a choice of where I wanted to go, and I chose the lingerie shop just to see his reaction. It made him feel very awkward, and I even got a CG of it! Poor guy, I almost felt sorry for him, but he kind of deserved it after what he did in Shin's route.

Then some woman randomly decided to chop my hair off, and Toma just took me home and vowed to protect me from all evil or whatever, reminding me of Ikemen Sengoku's Kenshin after I pricked my finger on a rose or something. Then I saved the game and went to get on with my daily life.

I feel like I'm gonna be in for a dramatic ride with Toma. I just won't take it seriously and laugh through it all. Nothing's annoying me with this route so far, so that's pretty good. I probably would've liked Toma a bit more if I had played his route first, but oh well.

I dunno what else to write. I've said all I've had to say really, except I forgot to mention Orion. He's probably the best character out of all of them! It was sad at the end of Shin's route when he got pushed out of my brain, saying that I'd forget all about him. He's been great through all of it so far. I just can't wait to see his reaction once Toma starts going bonkers.

I like this game. It may be a bit funny in places, but it's still great, well at least it is so far. There's even two fan-discs for it that I want to play now, but unfortunately they never got localised. But I bet I could play them in Japanese, since the language they use isn't too difficult.

But that's all I have to say now. I'll see you all later. Goodbye!

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Amnesia: Memories

Yesterday I decided to put some games on my Vita's memory card. So I went to my local video game shop and bought a PlayStation Store voucher. In the shop they had C:R: Wintertide Miracles by the checkout for the PS4 and sitting on the small Vita shelf, plus the trailer was showing on the TV screen behind the shop counter. They didn't have the limited edition though. Even though the game looked very tempting, I think I might wait until the price drops before I consider picking it up.

From the PS Store, I purchased two games, Amnesia: Memories and Sweet Fuse: At Your Side. I was gonna get Hatoful Boyfriend instead of Sweet Fuse but I decided I wanted to date humans this time round instead of pigeons. Hopefully Sweet Fuse will look good on my Vita, since it's actually a PSP game which is used to running on a smaller screen. I think I can actually put it on my PSP if I really wanted, but unfortunately I don't have a USB cable for it.

Now I have a bit of money left on my account. All I can really buy with it is one crappy puzzle game so I'm just going to wait until there's a flash sale on PS1 games because I really want to pick up Theme Hospital since I haven't played it in years and because I don't know how well the PC version'll work on Windows 10.

I'm happy I've got my memory card and all that, but I'm annoyed that my Vita won't let me access my files saved in the internal storage. I think that it did transfer my C:R and PotBB save files over, but I had a few photos of me and my cat that didn't come with them. Now I have to take the tiny memory card out and plug my Vita into my PC to get those files off.

 But I didn't come here to talk about memory cards. I just felt like dumping my thoughts on Amnesia because I decided to play it first before starting Sweet Fuse. I was very excited for this game even though I have heard that it does get a bit crazy later on. Please beware of spoilers for the story down below.

Booting it up, I had no idea that the sprites moved their mouths as they spoke! At first it looked a bit funny, but after a while you get used to it. It's actually a pretty good idea, it's way better than just having static sprites standing there as still as a statue.

The heroine doesn't actually have a default name or a personality or anything, so I can understand why some people don't like this, but I really don't mind this since she's a blank canvas for self-insertion! You don't actually get to read any of her dialogue, but I think she is still saying stuff but you just have to imagine what exactly it is that she's saying! In this post I'm probably just going to end up referring to her in the first person because whilst playing it definitely felt like she was me.

In most otome games I've played so far, you only get to make a choice like once or twice a chapter, but this game's great because it gives you loads of choices to make because the character's basically you. I don't think I'll ever feel pissed off because the MC does something I don't like.

Booting the game up, I was greeted by this cute little fairy boy called Orion, who I'm pretty sure has a female voice actor. He told me he'd crashed into my head, making me lose all of my memories. I'm liking him as a character so far, he provides a great running commentary to the story.

But Orion told me that I could be from one of many possible parallel dimensions, but he wasn't sure which one, so it was up to me to choose. This choice determines what route you're on. There were four different worlds, but there is another one that's just locked. I didn't really have an idea of who I wanted to date first, so I just chose the Heart World, which is Shin's route. I think he's the poster boy of the game because he's on the cover art, but his route isn't locked which makes me think that it isn't the true route.

So I was transported straight into that world, where I lay in a hospital bed, covered in bandages. Most games I've played so far only really throw some romance in near the end, but Amnesia presented me with a kiss CG right off the bat. This was when Shin came in to take me out of the hospital. It turns out that he's actually your boyfriend.

Shin's an interesting character. He can be a bit of a twat at times, but it seems like he genuinely cares about my wellbeing, skipping school so that I can be taken care of. It's probably because he either feels really guilty about what happened to me or because he genuinely loved me. I didn't really have any idea how I got into hospital in the first place, because Shin didn't really want to tell me even though I really have a right to know why.

He got suspicious of me right off the bat, even lying to me to test to see if my memories were all right. The in-game suspicion-meter was really high at these point. Then I had to confess that I literally had no idea who I was, so he decided to take me around town hoping that I'd remember things.

Then I literally had to go straight back to work with my bandages and everything. That was where I met Toma. I've heard.... things about Toma. He's like Marmite, you either love him or you hate him. That's why I'm excited to later on try out his route because I heard it gets so crazy. But he doesn't want to trap me in a cage here, because he's supposed to be childhood friend and coworker. I suppose he's alright. I don't really know that much about him in this route yet. I think he's just gonna be a supporting character and that's it.

But then some more stuff happened until I got to the point where I put my Vita down, about half an hour ago. Toma and my friend Sawa came to visit me and they ended up telling me about how I got hurt. I thought that Shin got me in a car crash or went crazy and beat me up, but no, I fell off a cliff. That must've been a pretty low cliff, because I think I would've been dead otherwise. It must've been quite dark when I fell, because otherwise I would've seen that edge from a mile away. After being told this, I got a memory of Shin finding me on the floor, even though it wasn't him who found me. That was when I took a break.

I still think that maybe Shin beat you up or something before. I don't think that's gonna be true though, because why would they make the game's poster boy abusive? He's supposed to be my boyfriend, but sometimes it doesn't feel like he loves me when he calls me an idiot. I'd better read more to find out what happens.

So far, I'm loving this game. The high amounts of romance and the blank-slate protagonist make it one of the perfect games for me. Even though people dislike some of this game, I think I'm gonna end up liking it all, even Toma's route.

Well, that's all for today. See you all later!!

Saturday, 16 February 2019


So, I played that Otomate mobile card crossover game thingy I mentioned in the last post. I used my Japanese Apple ID to download it off of the App Store. It seemed to have quite good reviews from other users. I literally understood like 10% of what was going on, so I probably won't be playing this very often.

I turned it on and I met this original character guy, his name was written in Katakana characters and it said "Areddo". It's probably meant to be some Western name but I can't figure out what name it's supposed to be.

Then he said some stuff and asked me my name, then I had to pick a card to play as or something. There were so many cards from so many different Otomate games, some had original artwork and some just had CGs. I picked one with an original drawing of Saito because I thought it looked pretty. I dunno how good the stats were or anything because I didn't look at them. The game said something like "Choose your partner".

Then me and "Areddo" got transported into the actual Hakuoki world, the background was even ripped directly from the game. And we met Amagiri, and his sprite was also taken from the original game. Then he said something to us and I think Areddo was getting pretty angry or something, then a boss battle started and it told me to click this red button, then another card with a picture of Shinpachi on it popped up and I clicked on it to recharge my Saito card's health or something, I'm not really sure what happened.

The battle music sounded like it was ripped directly from a Pokemon game. Basically the battle screen (I never screenshotted it, sorry) was Amagiri's sprite with my Saito card underneath it with three buttons with some difficult Kanji on them. I clicked the one in the middle and it made Hijikata pop up and say something, then I pressed it again and the battle ended.

Then it went back into a visual novel mode and I think Amagiri smiled and said something to compliment my fighting style, then it took me onto this page saying it was my world or something and there was a picture of Hijikata on it I could tap, then I locked my phone to write this post.

I can't really recommend this game yet because I've hardly played it, but I suppose it's worth picking up for the original artwork and partial voice acting. It's free to download but I don't know if there are any in-app purchases yet, but I expect there will be. Since this is really just a card game, I don't think there's gonna be any dating or anything. There's a high chance that I'll forget all about this and end up leaving it to rot on my home screen.

That's all I have to say for today, goodbye.

Friday, 15 February 2019


I think Otomate has this app card game thing where you do something and get exclusive digital cards of love interests from their massive library of otome games. I found the website here, and I attempted to use my limited Japanese skills to find out what it's about.

It's called "Sephirot" and there's another subtitle next to that which says something along the lines of "Time of world something". I couldn't really understand the last Kanji character, I could use Google Translate but that's cheating. From reading the description (which is an image so I can't copy and paste the Kanji anywhere anyway), it says something about a world called Sephirot, something called "Angel Arreddo" that you speak to or something, a character which I think has to do with the word "devil", meeting an angel as a partner or something, and at the end of the last sentence it says "blah blah blah start now!". Maybe there's some battle between light and dark???

I dunno what this is all about, but I might download the app later.


The second Code: Realize fan-disc came out yesterday! I want it so badly, but I don't even have the first one yet! It looks so good, but I can't play it.......... There's even like a bit where you get to go on dates or something.

But it's Christmas/Winter themed, so I have no idea why they didn't decide to release it in December to capitalise on the holiday season. But releasing it on Valentine's Day is also a good idea, for lonely otome gamers to have something romantic to look forward to.

My local gaming shop still has that special edition copy of Future Blessings sitting on the shelf. I really hope nobody's bought it. I've seen it there since before I even wanted a Vita. It's been there since the game came out, I think. But a couple of the otome games for sale there, Norn9 and Period Cube, have been purchased, so somebody where I live must be into them. At first I thought that Future Blessings was the first game and I was gonna buy it first, but I'm glad I didn't because it would've been disastrous if that had happened. The shop also has a copy of Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds that I kind of want, but they don't have the second game, plus I only just played it on the PSP.

I saw some of the new CGs from this new fan-disc, and they are just so pretty! I'd probably end up screenshotting them and setting them as my Vita's wallpaper like I did with the other two games I have.

My memory card came in the post but I don't really have anything to put on it yet. I could take a billion pictures of my cat with the camera though, but I don't want to waste memory!

See you all later!

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, Internet! I spent it by watching the Inbetweeners, eating sweets, re-playing my favourite Code: Realize route and listening to Diabolik Lovers drama CDs. Hopefully you all had a nice day!

Today on Mystic Messenger, V's after ending came out, and some extra story about Rika was released too. I haven't played V's route yet, and I don't really care about him that much so I'm probably never gonna play it. But even if I had played that route, I'd never play the after ending because it costs almost SIX HUNDRED hourglasses! Holy fudge pancakes, I'm pretty sure that's more than the route itself. If V's is this expensive, I dread to think how much Saeran's is gonna be.

But apparently it's not that good anyway. V never shows up and they all force you to forgive Rika or something. Why on Earth would any sane person want to forgive that bitch? Yeah, I know she had a sad past and all that, but that doesn't mean she can go around starting some crazy abuse cult! I know the RFA all worshiped her before they found out about Mint Eye, but still, even if I really loved Rika, I still wouldn't let her off for what she did!

I can see how this forgiveness would piss off a lot of people. Most people don't really like Rika anyway, so this isn't gonna go down well with any of them.

I'm probably never gonna end up playing this, I'll probably find a YouTube rip or something, I dunno.

That's it for me today. Hope you all have a nice Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, 13 February 2019



OK, so apparently Ray kills himself in V's route. I dunno if this is true or not. :( I wasn't really planning to play this route because I couldn't be bothered, but now I really don't want to play it. Poor Saeran. And there's also a new Rika story coming out tomorrow, but I dunno if I can be asked to fork out the hourglasses for that.

I Don't Get the Hype

Everybody's going on about how K-Pop is amazing and not manufactured and all that, but I don't really get the hype. It just sounds like Western pop music, but in Korean. And not the good Western pop music either, but the most generic sounding tunes you could possibly make. This is just my opinion though.

I will admit that I do like BIGBANG, but only a couple of their songs really, but I've tried listening to BTS and all that, and I tried to like it, but it just wasn't for me.  I actually also went to a K-Pop convention out of curiosity and while I did have fun, I wasn't really sure about the music. The only thing I thought was cool about this genre of music was that some of them sing in other languages like Japanese and Chinese.

But how on Earth is this stuff not manufactured? These talent agencies train them up from a very young age to be big stars and then put them into bands and write songs for them. Or at least that's what I heard. It even sounds like it's more artificial than the stuff they make over here. I don;t know. Maybe I'm wrong. They must be doing something right if they've managed to gain millions of fans across the globe.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019


Oh, hello there! I haven't posted here in a while!

I touched my PSP today. It feels super weird playing it after being on a Vita for so long. The PSP's a nice console and all, but it's such a downgrade compared to my Vita. I played Hakuoki for a bit again, even though I first played it only a couple of months ago, the music and the UI made me feel nostalgic for some reason.

The Lego Movie 2 is out and I really really wanna see it. I dunno why I had to say that here.

Sunday, 3 February 2019


I know I ditched this game ages ago, but to force myself to learn Japanese, I decided to play Ikemen Sengoku on my PC. Yes, you can play it in your browser by using Yahoo! Japan Games. They have other mobile otome games on there, too.

I don't understand much, but I'm writing down interesting words and stuff, so I'm learning something. The prologue in Japanese is slightly different to the English one. There are some other characters that are only present in this version and the PS Vita version.

It's taking me forever to get through the prologue. I'm trying to read only the Kanji and hiragana/katakana characters that I understand. I wish this game were fully voiced so I could hear them speak everything... If I wanted a voiced version, I would have to get the Vita version. I bet it's super expensive.

If I ever get a Japanese Vita game, I promise you all that I'll attempt to create a translation and put it on this blog. I think I also know enough French that I could translate a game into that language too...

Anyway, I have to get back to playing! Wish me luck!

I Got a Memory Card!

I ordered a PS Vita memory card! It was from CeX, and it was very cheap, wayyy cheaper than Amazon or eBay or anything. You know what that means? I can play digital only games like Amnesia or Hatoful Boyfriend!

Now I just need a PlayStation Store voucher....

I might pull out my PSP and replay Hakuoki or something if I feel like playing anything again. I really wanna buy Kyoto Winds now because of the extra routes and more romance.

Saturday, 2 February 2019

The Otome Game Drought of 2019...

I don't really have anything to play now... Not because there is a lack of otome games available, it's because I have to wait until next month before I can get anything else. There are free games on the PlayStation Store, but I'm not really sure if I want to play them. Oh well, I suppose I could either replay old games or just take a break for a while.

Recently I've been listening to some Diabolik Lovers drama CDs on YouTube, with subtitles. I think it's actually making me better at picking up the language, surprisingly. I might actually buy one off Amazon one day, along with one of the PS Vita or PSP games from the series.

I know Diabolik Lovers can be a bit, um, weird, and I do agree there. The only reason I know what it is is because someone said that the anime was really bad, so I watched the first episode, and while it was a bit strange, I appreciated the artwork (even though the animation was kind of shit) and the voice acting.

The drama CDs are really cool because they record them with those dummy head microphones, so you can hear the sound coming from all directions. Plus, you're the main character in them, but since you can't really speak to the characters when it's all pre-recorded, you're pretty much a doormat, but oh well.  It's just cool that you can have cute vampire boys whispering seductive stuff into your ears.

Some of the characters are absolute douchebags who I would stay away from in real life, but when it's fiction, it's kind of romantic. The only character I don't really like that much is Kanato, because he's just creepy.

Microsoft is making Xbox Live multiplayer gaming free this weekend, but I don't really have many multiplayer games, so I just played on some Minecraft server with a lot of little kids to take advantage of it. I don't know why I'm talking about this.

I think this blog will be a bit less lively until I get another game. Sorry.................

Friday, 1 February 2019


I finished it. I finished Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly. Well, at least I think I got all of the endings, but I didn't get all of the trophies. I 86% completed it, which is better than the 70% I got for Code: Realize, where I couldn't get them all because of a few glitches.

All I had to do was finish reading every short episode, then complete both of Karasuba's endings, then the "happy" ending.

Spoiler's down below!!

Karasuba's endings were both complete opposites of each other. The first one was very yandere. You decide to live a very dull life together in the mansion forever, and I'm pretty sure he almost date rapes you a few times. Also, all of the other characters seem to disappear, so I think he may have killed them all! This ending was actually pretty cool. I think I'd call it a bad ending, though. I knew the yandere was coming because I read something online, but I didn't find any other spoilers, luckily.

The second ending is a lot happier. You both actually wake up from your comas, and you hang out together after school, and there's a cute little romancey scene, but you decide not to kiss. Beniyuri kissed everybody else in the other endings, so I dunno why she didn't here.

I just noticed that I keep referring to Beniyuri as "you" then I just called her by her normal name. Oops.

Then there was the "happy ending", where during the tragedy in the rain, the children decide not to walk through the water, and to instead stay in the mansion for a while. Everything turns out all right, they all survive and stay friends. After that, it cuts to the future where they're all in high school, and they have a bit of banter and stuff, then it ends.

I now have nothing to play after this. Well, I could go back and complete the trophies, but after that I'll still have nothing left. I've gotta wait until my birthday to get a new game. At least the Welcome Park's still there for me....

Maybe I'll finally go back to Mystic Messenger and complete V's route like I should've. I can't be bothered. Plus I heard that Ray gets really sad when you go for V, and I don't want that to happen.

At least I'll have more time to practice my Japanese and listen to Diabolik Lovers drama CDs on YouTube....

Could This Be... Progress??

I tried to play Ikemen Sengoku in Japanese and I understood a single sentence without help!!!

I feel like I've achieved something!