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Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Ikemen Vampire Recap/Review No. 11: The Conclusion of Napoleon's Route

I did it. I finally completed it. Napoleon's route is over. I honestly thought that I still had at least three chapters left, but I only had two. Let's conclude my little recap series then, shall we? There's not really much more to write about.

When I booted up the game today, I had forgotten what was happening! But I was quickly reminded when I was thrust right into some tragedy. Napoleon's gives out this dramatic monologue to the Duke of Wellington, who then just pulls the both of them off a cliff!

While Napoleon's falling to his "death", there's a sprite of him on the screen with an expression that's as cool as a cucumber. It made me chuckle in the middle of this really intense situation. MC tries to save her lover by grabbing onto his hand, but it's too late. Jean just dampens the mood even more by telling her that she wouldn't have been able to save him, and that even vampires can die from dramatic falls. Last time I checked, vampires could survive stuff like that! Well, at least I think that they can. I dunno, I'm not a vampire expert. I think the writers just made Jean say that to make the stakes higher or something.

So Napoleon's supposedly dead now. But we all know he's not really gone, right?

MC cries out for her lover, so Jean just takes her home and sends her straight to bed, where she has a bad dream. She dreams that Napoleon's there next to her, but then he just suddenly disappears. But then she wakes up and notices Sebastian entering her room.

Sebastian tells her that she's pardoned from her duties for today, because she needs to rest after all that tragedy. He also hands her an envelope. Inside the envelope is a letter addressed to her, written by none other that our boy Napoleon.

It's just your typical love letter, but it tells us that he had been planning to die that day all along. He also tells MC to get on with her life and forget about him by moving to the future. Also, he says that he's not angry with her, and that he won't come to the future and haunt her. OK then... Then he writes that even if he's reborn, he'll still find her and fall in love with her. When I read that line I thought "Oh dear, they're gonna have one of those endings where the goes to the future and finds Napoleon reincarnated, aren't they?"

MC doesn't do what Napoleon says, and instead goes to the Count and begs him to let her stay. He agrees, as long as she actually lives her life and doesn't waste time crying over someone who will probably never come back. MC still thinks there's a chance of Napoleon somehow surviving his fall, however.

This was the point where I got to select what ending I wanted. I always end up getting enough points to pick either one. Like always with these Cybird games, I picked the dramatic ending, but it wasn't really that dramatic.

The ending begins with a scene where MC's hanging up the washing in the garden. She runs into Isaac, who hands her an invitation to some ball somewhere. Meanwhile, we see this man wake up in someone's house, with no memories whatsoever. I think he's supposed to be the Duke of Wellington. Some lady tends to him and tells him that the other man he was with has gone. This basically just confirms that Napoleon's still alive.

So MC goes to the ball, but she starts crying because her lover's not there. But to nobody's surprise, Napoleon pops up anyway. We even get a CG of it. There's not really any explanation as to how he survived, because the route ends before we can get any of that. They just say a lot of lovey-dovey stuff before it fades to black. Wow, are we sure I got the dramatic ending? Where's the drama?

This CG's alright, but my favourite one is the picture of Napoleon when he's almost about to kill that bad guy I had forgotten about.

So, it's all over now. I'm sorry if I'm not writing much here, I'm just very tired and I want to get this post over and done with.

I enjoyed this route, but I feel like the plot was rather... meh. It feels like a rushed love story with a lot of random drama shoved in to pad it all out. We didn't really dwell that much on Napoleon and his back story, to be quite honest. The dramatic stuff really just felt like it was there to make up for the writers not having many plot ideas. The whole route just had so much drama in it, then the dramatic ending didn't really have any at all! Oh well, I still had fun with this, and that's all that matters.

You're probably wondering whose route I'm going to start next. The answer is... nobody's! I'm going to take a break for a bit, that's all. I'll probably play Arthur's route next though, because I like him quite a lot.

I can't believe that I started this route in June and I've only just finished it now. That's what happens when you play mobile games, I suppose.

Oh dear, this post is so short, isn't it? I just don't know what else to say, because I've been writing about this for eleven posts now! It's probably not a good idea to write these when I'm really tired, too.

So, this concludes my Ikemen Vampire series... for now. I'm glad I played this game. Hopefully you all enjoyed going through this with me. Now I'm going to leave to drink a massive cup of coffee. Thank you for reading!

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