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Friday, 27 April 2018

I Watched Infinity War!

I just want to say that Avengers: Infinity War is an amazing film. I saw it last night, it was a special "fan event" that my cinema was hosting and we got free popcorn and a collectible coin. I'm too afraid to open the coin's packaging because it might be a rare collectible item in the future. Also, before the film they showed clips of the actors talking about their characters and stuff.

After the film has been out for ages, I might talk about the main plot details and stuff on this blog. I'm probably going to see the film again, maybe in IMAX. To be honest, the film was better than the original 1991 comic. It has many emotional moments in it, but I didn't cry at all.

I'm trying so hard not to give away spoilers here.

My rating for Infinity War would be 10/10. Go and see it before it's too late.


Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Today I was playing Lego Marvel Superheroes on my Xbox. I was on the second last level, about to defeat the boss. I walked over to a checkpoint and saved, accidentally clicking on "Save and Exit". I went back to the main menu and tried to open up my save file again. It wasn't there.

After restarting the game, I went back to play it again and my save was there. It said that I was 7.5% into the game, which was weird, I thought, opening it anyway. When I went onto the game it started me off at a different spot than where I was. At first I thought it reminded me of some previous level, but then I thought that after the point I was at it might just take the player to this part, and that this was all normal.

Two minutes later I realised that I was far back into the game. Resetting the game many times didn't get my progress back. I think that's because when you open the save file, it auto-saves, overwriting everything and making it unable to get my proper save back.

Now I have to replay everything again. It put me back really far. It's weird because the date on the file was today's date, but the time was listed as 21:00, when the time at that moment was 17:00. I think that was the time when I saved it at that point ages ago.

It's such a shame I spent so much time on it, only to get my progress partly wiped. At least I get to keep the Xbox Live achievements. Oh well. At least I get to watch Infinity War on Thursday...

Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Site updates have been slow lately. Sometimes I want to do other things than HTML coding. I'm also just too lazy to come up with new page ideas. These are very lame excuses, I know.

There's only a bit more than a week left until I see Infinity War in my local cinema on April 26th. The film does come out on April 27th, but I'm seeing a special pre-showing where you get popcorn discounts and some free collectible coin. It's in 3D, so hopefully they'll actually add some crazy effects, but they probably won't. I would see it in IMAX if I could see it again, because it is the first Hollywood film to be shot entirely in IMAX cameras.

That's all I have to say for now. I know this is an abrupt conclusion, but I have to go and do something. Bye.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Fake Facebook Accounts

I'm not hungry for Internet fame or anything, but I can't help noticing that this blog has a very small view count. It's weird, because my main website gets a considerable amount of views each time, and there is a button on it that links to this place. I guess not many people clicked on it.

On Blogger you kind of feel isolated from the other users. There is a way to find other blogs, but it's not very easy to access. On Neocities, however, there are a bunch of social features that allow more people to become aware of your webpage. If Blogger had more "social features", maybe it would be easier for one to get more blog hits.

I know Blogger has Google Plus integration, but who even cares about that site? Sometimes I like to go on there to see what things people are posting. To be honest, I prefer Facebook, even though they steal your data.

Actually, I have a confession to make about Facebook. I like making fake accounts (Not with real people pictures, of course, just random anime pictures and stuff!) and making them all chat with each other and post random things about where they went. They don't really post any images that often. The other day I made one of them go on holiday. Most of the time I forget about them, so I just make up that they never use FB that often.

Nobody else really sees these accounts except me, but then suddenly lots of people from places like Thailand and India want to be friends with "Carla Smith", one of my four accounts. Then a lot of fake accounts with bikini-clad women want to befriend her too. I just accepted all of those friend requests, but they never like any of her posts. It's probably because they have about 400 other friends, so their feeds are probably cluttered with their posts.

I know it's a big waste of time to mess around on Facebook like this, but I find it fun sometimes. It just shows how easy it is to lie on the Internet. I actually made a Blogger blog for one of my fake accounts, but I forgot about it a couple of days later. It now lies abandoned.

If anybody who works for Facebook is reading this, they're probably going to search for Carla Smith, and try and take down her account. One of my accounts got taken down before, even though I made it seem pretty believable. For some reason FB don't like it if you use a fake name on there. I don't even use my full name or my real Email address, because I was told that employers like to search you up. I really don't want future bosses looking at all of my awful photos and weird video game related posts.

Wow, this post is very long. I don't know how to conclude it now. I'm very bad at conclusions. 

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this, and that you have a nice day.

(If you see me place a comma before the word "and", thinking it is incorrect grammar, it actually isn't. It's called the Oxford Comma. Look it up if you're interested.)

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Windows, Being Annoying, AGAIN.

Today I got the self titled Gorillaz album in the post. It comes with an EXE file that allows you to "Access the nether regions of".

After waiting for iTunes to rip the songs onto my PC,  I open the file. Sounds play,  and text pops up on the screen, saying "You now have the key to Murdoc's Winnebago. " I was excited.

Then immediately after the text shows up,  the screen flashes, and then I realise that my computer is restarting so it can update.  Stupid Windows 10. It seems like it needs an update every time I use my PC.  Now I have to wait forever for it to install everything,  and then I have to use a painfully slow computer afterwards. Windows is always slow after an update.

I wish I could disable those stupid updates. I did know that a restart was coming,  but I accidentally closed the warning message too quickly,  then forgot about it.

At least I have a billion other things to entertain myself with.


I'm writing this from the incredibly outdated looking Blogger app for Android.  Do Google even care about their blogging platform?