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Sunday, 15 September 2019


I have a very massive announcement to make about this blog.

I'm going on a hiatus for a while. This means that I'm not going to finish writing about Ikemen Revolution. Don't worry, this blog is not dead! I just really need a break.

Before I used to blog whenever I felt it necessary, but now it feels like I'm forcing myself to write, and I'm getting burnt out by it. I'm just feeling less passionate about it, and I just dread writing my next post. I've been so obsessed with writing my thoughts, that I can't even play a game without thinking about my post on it and taking screenshots every second so that I can't remember the plot. It's not very fun, that's why I need to take a break.

My next posts will probably be on a proper paid console game, but I don't know when that'll be. I just need a break so that I can focus a bit on real life and have a rest from all of this stuff. 

See you all soon, hopefully. 

If this blog does end up dying, I'm going to be really annoyed with myself. 

Friday, 13 September 2019

Regarding My Future Mobage Posts...

Hello, everybody! 

I just wanted to make a very quick post regarding my Ikemen Revolution posts. 

So... I'm having actual trouble getting into the game. It takes forever to load, and sometimes it'll give me a server error, and other times it'll get into the actual homepage of the game, then spend forever loading. This same problem happens with Ikemen Sengoku, and it even happened once with Love 365. Ikemen Vampire seems to be unaffected, however.

I've already missed one day of reading and grinding for Jonah's route, because of server errors and because it just takes so long to load. I believe that the problem's a combination of my Internet and because I think the game loads everything straight from Cybird's servers. My connection has been acting strange sometimes, occasionally not letting me use certain websites, so I don't know what's wrong with it. Maybe it's just tired of me because I watch so much YouTube or something. 

You're probably just going to tell me to use my mobile data or something, but have you seen how much data I have? I have a 500MB limit, and plus I'd have to set up a hotspot from my iPhone to my iPod to actually use it. Yes, you read that correctly. 500MB. It's not that bad, because I don't use it anyway.

In the meantime, I suppose these IkeRev posts are either going to be non-existant or stop altogether. But I still have much more interesting stuff to cover on my blog! I've been lucky enough to be able to beta test a new Shall We Date? game, but I don't want to write about that until after it releases. All I can really say is that it's a very promising game. I've also been wanting to play Arthur's route in IkeVamp, and that seems to be the only Cybird game that seems to load fine, although it did take forever to do a love battle the other day.

So, yeah... I'm sorry about this. I think it might be time to get someone to check up on my broadband router!

See you all later then. I dunno what the next post's gonna be about, but it's probably not going to be Ikemen Revolution. It's a shame, because Jonah's route was getting so interesting!

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

The Official Misty's Blog Button!

Hello, everybody! I decided to make an advertising button for this blog, like I did with my main website.

Ignore the hideous white border around it. Blogger adds it by default, it won't show up on your own site.

You can use it if you want to ever link back to here on your own website. The button's on the sidebar too, if you're having difficulties finding it.

I put Yui in the corner of it because I think she's becoming the mascot of this blog. Also, I just really like her design, as I've said a billion times. (I should really stop repeating myself!)

That's all I have to say for today. Enjoy the button!

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Ikemen Revolution Recap/Review No. 7

Hello, everybody. I'm back for another Ikemen Revolution post. I haven't actually read any of the story today because my Internet's acting up and none of my mobage games will load. Not even my Spotify on my phone, computer or iPod will load, but for some reason it's working on my Google Home. Not even my poor scrobbler will load. I'm just glad that Blogger's working, for now. I don't know what's up with things today. All of this nonsense is probably just my imagination playing tricks on me.

 Don't worry though, I still have the rest of the story to write about. I'm now realising how tiring it is writing billions of little posts for one route. I feel like I'm getting lazier and lazier with these...

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Diabolik Lovers: MORE, BLOOD (The anime, not the game!): A Review

Guess who just finished binge-watching the entire second series of Diabolik Lovers all in one go? Me, of course! I think I liked this season even better than the last one, but that's probably because I've never played the game it was based on. When people watch adaptations without experiencing the source material, they tend to nitpick it less.

This is the second part of my DiaLovers anime review, you know, the one I did a few weeks ago? I'm not going to recount the plot like I normally do with my game reviews, I'm just going to write my thoughts on it like I did last time. Please keep in mind that I watched the Japanese dub, because I'm one of those people who can't stand English anime dubbing. Let's get started then, because I'm super excited to talk about this!

Oh, and guess what? I used my newly found Photoshop skills to make some of the GIFs in this post. I'm quite proud that I managed to do that. I always thought that Photoshop was some complex software, but it's actually very simple! Most of the GIFs are from the opening sequence though, because I just thought that there was some really good looking shots in there.

Like the first part of this post, it was written very late at night, so I apologise if there are any errors!

Friday, 6 September 2019

Ikemen Revolution Review/Recap No. 6 (With a bit of Ikemen Vampire thrown in too...)

Wow, today I achieved a lot in the world of Ikemen games. I finished Ieyasu's route, got a really nice gacha card in Ikemen Vampire, played a bit of the new event in said game, and read some very strange stuff in Ikemen Revolution.

So yes, let's get on with my next IkeRev post!

 I don't have as much plot stuff to write about here, it's just that there's a few things I want to write about before I forget. But before I start, I'll show you this new gacha card I got in IkeVamp! It was so worth the 300 free diamonds I spent on getting it!

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Ikemen Revoltuion Review/Recap No. 5

Hello everybody, and welcome back to another post where I gradually go through an Ikemen Revolution route! This time I'm super happy because I managed to have enough magic crystals for another premium story, plus, I actually got something good in the card gacha!