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Hello. My name isn't really Misty, nor is it StrangePigeon. I just use them because everybody in my life tells me not to give out my real name on the Internet. Welcome to my blog. What was once just a simple personal rambling chamber has now turned into a blog about... Japanese dating games. Yes, it's a very strange thing to be interested in, but I've seen worse.

It would probably be a good idea if I tell you about what my favourite games and characters are. I will often like the love interests and that nobody else enjoys, because I have bad taste. My favourite types of ikemen are the mysterious ones with tragic backstories who are only interested in the MC. I'm especially fond of the yandere and tsundere tropes, and bad endings with CGs. I have a long list of husbandos, but my current favourite is Subaru Sakamaki. If you look on the sidebar, you can some of them promotional otome buttons with my other favourite boys on. The otome game I like the most is Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, but my favourite franchise is Diabolik Lovers. Oh dear, I just used the word "favourite" too many times. I do apologise for that! I usually can enjoy pretty much any game I play, with the exception of a few mobile titles. Even if the plot is absolute rubbish, I'll still have some fun.

To be quite honest with you, I'm a self-inserter. I've always put myself into literally every single piece of media I've ever enjoyed, and I'll literally sit there and imagine myself in one for a bit, until I get bored and move onto something else. Nothing can stop me from self-inserting, even the games with the voiced MCs with the most personality! The rule is that if it exists, I will self-insert into it. That's really the only reason why I play these games, to imagine myself in a lovely land where I have a ton of boyfriends. I thought that's why everyone played them, but I was surprised to find out that people play them for the plot too.

While most typical otome blogs just write one review on each game, I do things slightly differently. Since it takes me a week to play each game, and I don't write any notes whilst playing, doing one big review at the end would suck because I'd forget half of the things I want to write. That's why I write stuff whilst I'm playing each game. It's a bit like a personal log of my thoughts and opinions on each title.

I'll give you a bit of info on how my posts work. For a full console otome, I typically write a post about the common route and whatever love interest's path I land on first, then I average about one post each for every other route. Sometimes I'll also write about the bad endings separately. For mobile games, I just write multiples posts about the same route every few days, since they take an awfully long time to complete, so long that I forget about the plot.

As it says on the sidebar, I only play Vita, PSP and mobile games. I don't like PC gaming that much, because there aren't too many physical copies available nowadays. You can say that about mobile, but at least those games are free! I will probably end up getting a Nintendo Switch Lite one day though, but there are lots of Vita games I want first. I also don't let language barriers stop me from playing Japan exclusive games. I don't care if my Japanese sucks, if I want a game, I'll play it, regardless of how difficult it is. Just expect my Japanese otome reviews to not be as in-depth, because I can't understand the plot details as well as I would an English game.

I also have started writing about my very large doll collection. OK, maybe it's not as big as some other people's, but to me it's huge. I mainly have a lot of Barbie, but I also have a few Monster High, Ever After High, My Scene and a couple of Bratz. I mainly focus on playline dolls from the 2000s, because they're the most interesting to me.

If you notice grammar mistakes, I'm sorry. This blog was never intended to be anything fancy or professional, so I don't really take the time to edit stuff. Sorry. I know blogs are meant to be all edited and that.

You may have noticed a button on the side saying "Buy Me A Coffee". It may look like shameless begging, and it is. That was part of one of my failed get-rich-quick schemes. Please spend your money on yourself, not me. I actually really do like money though.

If you have the desire to know more about me, you ought to visit this page on my personal website. It'll give you a bit more info, but not too much. I like to be one of those mysterious anonymous online people, where nobody knows my full identity.

Have fun looking at my blog. Some of my older posts are a bit lacking, but who cares. In the past this place used to just be a general purpose rambling chamber, so it wasn't actually a proper otome blog. I was a bit embarrassed to talk about these games at first, so the older stuff just says simple things like "I liked this route, it was cool.".  If you go to the masterlist, it'll give you a bit more detail on my content, and it'll tell you when my posts actually start getting decent. They'll never be perfect, but I'm constantly improving my writing style.

Have some fun on my blog, OK? Just don't limit yourself to whatever's on the front page! I suppose that if you went and clicked on this about page, you must be interested in more than just that stuff. I've dedicated so much time to the stuff on here, so it's great that there are people like you reading it. Thank you very much for spending your time here. I really appreciate it!