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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

I Need to Think of More Creative Titles For These...

Sometimes I like to mess around on Google Earth and use Street View to view places I haven't visited in years. It's quite fun. It's very nostalgic at times.

I look back on the past too much, when I should be focusing on the present instead. If I keep listening to music that makes me feel nostalgic, eventually the nostalgia will just be gone and it won't feel special anymore.

I don't know what I was trying to write here.

Have you noticed that there are so many blog posts on here where the titles are either "Hello" or "Hi"?

Tuesday, 27 March 2018


I feel good today.

I made some chocolate Shredded Wheat Mini Egg nests, they turned out pretty good. The chocolate went all lumpy when I melted it, I fixed it with some hot water and a bit of Bournville cocoa. Also, I made biscuits. They were plain flavoured, and they went all crumbly. You can't even dip them in your tea without them breaking. It doesn't matter though, because they taste good. They melt in your mouth, like almond cookies.

Where I live, it's snowing again. Snow used to be a novelty for me, until I moved to a new country where they get loads of snow. I quickly got tired of it. It's supposed to be spring, and Easter's coming up soon. Why can't it be nice and warm. Even rain would be better than this.

Well, this is probably the first post I have ever made about real life. That's cool. Maybe I should change the colours of this blog. I'm a bit bored of green.

Anyway, that's all from me for now. I hope everyone of you reading this had a nice day, where ever you are on this planet.

Goodbye! :)

EDIT: I did change the theme of this blog. Hopefully you like it. I have one of those rain simulators on in the background, it inspired me to change it. I'm not depressed or anything, I just think rain is cool. If you are new and you want to see the old theme, go onto the Wayback Machine and type into the big white bar "". I may even change the music from DARE to something else, too. How about On Melancholy Hill?

Monday, 26 March 2018


This is another one of those boring "Sorry I haven't updated this blog in forever, even though I had loads of free time this week" posts. I apologise for the lack of fresh content on this blog. I did never intend for this thing to get regular updates. It just exists for me to write random stuff whenever I feel like it.

If you want fresh new content, check out my website. Tomorrow I am going to be working on a new page for Misty's World.

To be honest, I never actually edit anything I put on there. I just give it a quick glance over, then I upload it. I'm just really lazy that way.

Hopefully you are having a good week, whoever's reading this. I'm excited for this weekend because it's Easter and I get to eat a lot of chocolate.

Goodbye! ;)

Sunday, 11 March 2018

I Wrote A Wikipedia Article

There was this online game I used to play that shut down back in 2011. It did have a Wikipedia page, but there was no info on it. Today I changed that.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW WHAT I WROTE. The writing probably sucks and has loads of mistakes, but who cares. I contributed to an Encyclopedia!