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Thursday, 31 January 2019


(Spoilers down below.)

That was the most tragic, dramatic, and heartbreaking otome route I've ever played. It would've made a great conclusion, I should've left it to last.

Hikage's backstory was so sad and even though he became a crazy murderer, I still felt pity for him because of what he went through. Then poor Usagi died, and it was also really depressing. Whilst I was playing it I laughed and acted normal and happy to everybody around me, but inside I was a bit sad. The voice acting was really good in this part, you could really feel the emotion whilst the characters were talking.

I still expected a happy ending, but no, Hikage shot himself. I was in shock. I didn't cry, because I don't cry for fictional characters, but during the credits I had my head in my hands. I felt a bit like how I did when I got the normal ending the first time I played Hakuoki, when all the Shinsengumi all died. You just feel shocked and a little bit awkward.

Then there was something after the credits. The last CG had an image of a boy and a girl who looked kind of like Usagi and Hikage, so maybe they're not really dead? There's no sequel or fan-disc, so we may never know the answer.

We never learn their real names, either. Unless Hikage is really called Hikage. But I wonder what Usagi's real name is?

What a tragic love story. It still wasn't as dramatic and crazy as the new Riverdale episode I watched earlier. That series is just so weird now.

Hikage might even be my new favourite character, or my favourite route. It's weird, I went from liking him to kind of hating him to loving him again. He's the main love interest of the game, so it is very strange that Otomate decided to kill him off.

I've officially decided that this is now my favourite otome game. That means it's even better than Code: Realize and Hakuoki. Everything's just so amazing. It's funny because I was a bit skeptical of the game at first.

I'm still a bit shaken up over Hikage's death. I suppose he did need some punishment for doing what he did, but I wished that we'd at least get another kiss CG out of him before the end. Now I have all of his and Usagi's CGs, but not of the others yet. Tomorrow I'll get to completing it all!

See you tomorrow!

I Have No Idea What to Name This Post!

I just realised earlier that if a newcomer came to this blog, read one of my first posts rambling on about Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, they'd have no idea what on Earth I'm talking about, because I hardly ever specify what the subject matter of each post is, I just go straight into details. Oh well. This blog is becoming more of a personal diary than something public, I'm starting to think.

Anyway, I have so much to write about this game, so lets get to it!!

(Spoilers down below!!)

So, I completed Yamato's good ending then both of Monshiro's endings, now I'm on Hikage's route. It feels like I've been kissing a lot of boys today!

Yamato's route was so wonderful. When he first came on my Vita's screen I thought that he wasn't going to be my type, but I quickly became interested in him, so much that when I was initially presented with the choice of who I wanted to play the first mini game with, I chose him. 

I completed his route a few hours ago so it's not as fresh in my mind, but it was much longer than I expected. Him and Beniyuri both wake up from their comas but I don't think Kazuya or Aki do, or maybe they do and I forgot. (I consume so much media that I forget details easy, even if I'm really enjoying something!)

Then they get back into their normal lives, walk to the park together, and Yamato Takuya confesses that he loves her, then they go to the hospital and he confesses to his brother that he was always jealous of him, and I think he actually has woken up, and they make up and everything turns out to be just fine. Then they walk outside together and they kiss twice, and it's all really cute and romantic. I absolutely loved this route. Shame I couldn't turn the sound on very often whilst playing it.

After that, I excitedly went onto Monshiro's route, because he is my absolute favourite character. He's a bit touchy-feely with Beniyuri, always going up really close to her and hugging her. It makes her uncomfortable, which I can understand because I knew somebody who was kind of like that and it was a bit embarrassing. Although if I was Beniyuri (I technically was when I self-inserted but I'm not really her) I wouldn't be that embarrassed because I like Monshiro. He reminds me of Ray, what with the white hair and all, but Ray didn't actually get physically close with you in his route until the end. 

So, Monshiro (Or Kazuya, whatever you want to call him really,) runs off and sacrifices himself into this abyss thing, which I thought would mean that he would die if he went there, but he didn't. Beniyuri jumps in too, because she doesn't want to leave him alone. Then she finds him in there and the story eventually splits in two.

There's the depressing ending, where Beniyuri wakes up but nobody else does, and you find Kazuya in hospital and hope that him and the others eventually awake, or there's the fluffy ending, where they both wake up together, and find out that Takuya and Aki are still asleep, and Kazuya says that he'll properly love you once they both wake up, or at least something along the lines of that, and it's all cute and happy, then the credits roll.

I thought that the CGs in this route were so cute that I sacrificed some of my Vita's precious 1GB of memory to screenshot them. I'm gonna post them here because they're so lovely. I think you're allowed to share otome CGs online, because everybody else does.

I'm surprised that there's no copyright in the corner, because with some of my Code: Realize screenshots, the game put this massive copyright in the corner saying something like "COPYRIGHT 2015 IDEA FACTORY". I wonder if these would look nice as a desktop wallpaper?

Anyways, after this route, I used the guide (Yes, I cheated by using it for most of this game!) and got onto Hikage's route. I haven't finished it yet though because I need to charge my Vita and I felt the urge to write on this blog. It's a lot longer than the others, probably because he's meant to be the "main guy". He's the only person on the cover aside from Beniyuri, so I think that means he's meant to be the canon love interest.

I liked Hikage when I first started the game, until I found out the truth, that he wasn't really who he said he was. But after reading a bit of his route, I like him again, but I dunno how Beniyuri's gonna react when she finds out her lover's been lying to her this entire time.

There was this really hot scene where he pins her down and kisses her. I would've loved that if that was me he was kissing, but Beniyuri just slapped him and then he called her "cruel" or something and they stopped speaking. A bit earlier before that, I'm pretty sure Hikage also suggested having sex with her or something. They gave him a lot of steamy lines, probably because he's the main guy so the writers probably ship him with Beniyuri really hard.

I'm so excited to see what comes next. I just ended on the bit where Usagi (Who I know is related to Hikage because of a CG in the "best ending") explains that the master of the manor is her brother and all that. I love back story scenes, but I really want more steamy romance after this. I also heard that the next love interest I'm going to be hooking Beniyuri up with, Karasuba, is a yandere, which is going to be exciting!

This game is a lot more romantic than I expected. I thought it was gonna be some escape room story or something, but it was much more than that. I didn't expect it to have themes of death and guilt. I thought they were just going to be trapped in a house and they were going to escape into some dark gloomy forest or something and it was going to be like a game show run by some creepy guy. This might even be one of my favourite video games of all time, but I think it's more of an interactive book than a game. I wish there was a fan-disc or an anime or something, but even if there was, they probably wouldn't localise it to the Vita because the Vita's dead. It's never really a good idea to invest in a console that's about to die when everything's moving to the Nintendo Switch, but I don't mind because at least the games might be cheaper now. Plus the Vita is a really nice console. I might end up getting a Switch when it gets old, like I did with the PSP. I do have kind of a connection with the Switch, because it was actually launched on my birthday, so sometimes I feel like I'm destined to have it. But I love my Vita more than any other console, and I'm not going to get anything else for a very long time.

I'm rambling on a bit now, aren't I? I should go because I'm getting hungry. If you're reading this, you're awesome. Have a nice day!


(Spoilers down below, like usual.)

So, the "Real World Ending" literally explained everything. Now I know why the choice you make that branches off onto it is "How did I get here?" because it tells you why! I thought it was just all a dream, but it isn't, it's a flashback!!

You know how earlier I was like "How did Beniyuri and Aki and Takuya get into a coma if they didn't in the accident?"? Well, they all have a big fight about how they haven't moved on from the past, and then they try and travel to the lake on a bus, and it starts raining. I knew something was gonna happen because of the rain, and it did. Beniyuri falls asleep then the bus crashes into the lake. That's how the story starts! I thought this was gonna be a happy ending, but it's a prologue. It explains everything!

The reason why I couldn't get Yamato's good ending yesterday was because I hadn't cleared this yet! I thought that the long ending I did earlier was the "real world ending", but it isn't. I dunno why they call this one an ending, because it's literally just a prologue.

This game is so awesome! The prologue was great, and it had tons of romantic moments in it! This might turn out to be one of my favourite otome games ever!!

Very Confusing...


So, apparently I didn't even get the real world ending before, I got the "best ending" instead. The "real world" ending branches off in the third chapter instead! And I found out that some of the characters only have one ending, whereas others have two. Kagiha only has one ending, and that was the one I got earlier. I suppose he can't really have a happy ending with Beniyuri since he's already dead.

I haven't finished the "real world ending" yet, but all that's happened so far is that Beniyuri's woken up and she's found that everything is all a dream! (I actually quite enjoy this trope!) Then she's late for school and she meets up with Karasuba and he flirts with her and stuff. Then they find this shop which is selling a butterfly hair clip, then they leave and, well, I haven't really gotten very far past that yet. I'm not really sure if it's the canon ending, but I suppose it's the most realistic ending.

This game is quite confusing, and not many people talk about it online so it's hard to find good enough guides. But I'm still quite enjoying it!!

Wednesday, 30 January 2019



So, um, you know how I was saying earlier about how short those endings were? Well, apparently there's also another ending for each character, and I just got the shittiest outcomes each time because I did something wrong or didn't watch enough extra episodes or something. I found it kind of disappointing but it was because I was a fool and thought they were the real endings. They aren't. Suppose I'll use the guide later to try and get them then. This time I have a much better guide so everything should work out just fine...................................

I went on YouTube and listened to the character songs from the game and they are all absolute bangers. I do like character CDs. I would buy these ones but they all have those audio drama things on them which I'll never be able to understand because they're in Japanese.

The "Real World Ending"


So............. I think that I actually just completed Kagiha's "route", because of that one wrong choice I made earlier. I'm pretty sure that each character doesn't have a full on route, but just a separate ending. There'll be more on that later.

I completed the "Real World Ending", and it was really dramatic and a good conclusion to the story. It's actually quite romantic, and even though you don't properly get with anybody in it, Beniyuri's technically in love with Kagiha at this point.

It turns out that everybody's in a coma, not just Monshiro. And Kagiha's stuck in the bottom of a lake somewhere. He must've been still conscious for most of this, because if he was really dead he wouldn't be stuck in the mansion. So he's just been floating underwater for ten years, still not properly dead yet. I don't understand how everybody else is in a coma, because it showed a flashback to Kagiha Natsu's funeral where they're all there, and I'm pretty sure they all went comatose during the accident, so how are they able to visit the funeral if they're in a hospital?? I dunno. I probably missed something.

So they all kill Hikage, who I was actually starting to like until we found out who he really was. Then they all go back to the real world, except Natsu, who's dead for real now. However, the game says that his body did float back up to the surface. I expect that it would've been very rotten and very disgusting looking if it came back ten years later. Plus, it would also still be a child's body whereas everybody else has grown up. How does a body even survive ten years in a lake? It would've gotten eaten like a week after it turned up. But the place is supposed to be haunted, so maybe that had something to do with it?

After I completed the first proper ending, I wasn't really sure how to get onto anybody else's route, so I consulted a guide! I tried to get Kagiha's route, but I went out to a public place and none of the guides would actually work because of the filtering systems so I had to use my own brain. I ended up on Yamato's route, probably because I never read all of the Kagiha related side episodes.

I was excited to start a proper route, until it abruptly ended. It turns out that each character has their own ending, not a route. A few things happened that were related to Yamato, then it just ended on a pretty CG. They literally just hug each other, then it ends. And it's not a bad ending either, because I got a trophy for completing a character ending. Because of that, I realised that my ending with Kagiha wasn't a bad ending, it was his actual route. Or at least a substitute for a route. I now understand why people say this game is different to your typical otome title.  People also say that there isn't that much romance, but there are so many cute character interactions that make up for it, at least for me, because in my head even just platonic stuff is great to self-insert yourself into! I expected routes for each character though, unless there is and I just did something wrong! I'll do more research into it later.

If each character does have a really short ending though, it means that it won't take me very long to finish the game. Oh well. But I hope I don't finish it before my birthday because I have nothing else to play after this except Welcome Park (which is just a tech demo really), until I eventually get the C:R fan-disc.

It's been a really good ride so far with my Vita. I'm excited to try out even more games on it, and maybe even non-otome titles if I really want!

See you all later!


So that weird ending I got yesterday was a bad ending or something. I got the proper ending, but I can’t discuss it now because I’m on my phone typing this. Then I used a guide to try and get Kagiha’s route but I went out on public WiFi that’s blocking the guide, so I ended up getting Yamato’s route instead even though I picked what I thought were the right answers!

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Was That Supposed to Happen??


OK, so I was playing the game this morning, when I made a certain choice that led me to see Kagiha, and he tried to take Beniyuri's ribbon off her. I knew something bad was gonna happen so I went back and selected the other choice.

That made me run into Kagiha again, but he seemed less fake and evil. It was all sweet and romantic, then the background changed and I saw a glimpse of the future where Beniyuri and Kagiha were married and it was very cute. Then it cut back to them in the mansion, then Kagiha was like "let's go to sleep bby" then the credits rolled. I got a trophy for reaching Kagiha's ending.

But I was like "Wait a second... What happens next? Do they escape the mansion? Do they die? What about the others? Wasn't I supposed to clear the common ending first before marrying anybody?". I dunno if I got a bad ending or not, but since I got a trophy for just clearing his route, I suppose it was meant to be the good ending. But what about the "real world ending" I'm meant to get first? A guide online told me that it's impossible not to get the regular ending the first time round, UNLESS somehow magically somebody already played this game on my Vita (I got the console pre-owned but not the game) so it's just letting me date anybody I want. But that's impossible because the console was factory reset when I got it so there was no data left on it. Or maybe they removed the route locking system with a patch that's already installed or something? I think the most realistic scenario would be that I just got a bad ending.

I know the ending was all cute and that, but I thought it would be longer. That's why it seems like  normal or bad ending. Why show me a vision of the future where everything's happy if I don't get to see how they get to that point?? It's just so strange! I didn't expect it to end that quickly, it was so sudden. Maybe I'm just doomed to get crappy endings my first time round.

I'm going to have a look and see what the hell happened with my game, then have dinner and probably pick the Vita back up tomorrow.

I just have to say before I leave though, the anime-style theme tune for this game is an absolute banger. I listen to it almost every time I play, pretending that I'm starting a new episode of a TV series where it starts off with the theme song. I wonder if I can buy this on iTunes?

I'll be off then to look at a guide. See you all later!

UPDATE: I looked at two guides, and I still have no idea what on Earth happened. I'm just going to call it a bad ending. If you're reading this, even if it's 200 years into the future, and you know what happened, please comment down below!!

Monday, 28 January 2019

What on Earth Just Happened??

(UPDATE FROM A FEW MONTHS AFTER THIS WAS WRITTEN: I was going back to read all of my posts and for some reason at the end of this one the text looks all funny. I dunno what went wrong but Blogger won't let me fix it, so it's just gonna have to stay there. Sorry!!!)


OK, so I just came across the biggest plot twist so far! Hikage is actually the villain of this game. That came out of nowhere! It turns out that he's not actually the childhood friend we thought he was, and that cute little Monshiro (who had better be a love interest because he's awesome) is actually the person we thought Hikage was. I absolutely did not see that coming! Isn't he supposed to be a love interest? Does that mean we get to date a bad guy? Awesome!

Cutest scene so far in the game is when Monshiro sleeps with Beniyuri, but not romantically or anything. But I had no idea that he was actually going to be whatever-his-name is, Yamato's comatose brother!

But Hikage's actually more awesome now that's he's officially a Twist Villain™. His voice has changed to be a lot more dramatic and attractive, too. So I suppose he's just some guy who runs the manor, and not anybody from Beniyuri's past? Or maybe Beniyuri and the rest of the gang did something to piss him off and now he has a massive chip on his shoulder, and that's why he's trying to kill them all? I suppose I'll just have to keep reading to find out!

This story is getting very dramatic now. Before it was quite calm, because most of the time everybody was hanging out in the mansion and doing normal stuff. I like my plots dramatic. I don't know how far I have to go now until the story ends and I'm able to date everybody. I really want to date Hikage now, even though I was planning to do Yamato first because he was interesting!
I am really enjoying this game! I don't know if it'll be my favourite otome though, because they're all so good! Now I'm gonna go back to playing! Goodbye!!


Apparently this Japanese MMO chat game only supports Internet Explorer but not the latest version of Chrome I'm running.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Theory Time!

(Spoulers down below.)

OK, so now I'm on chapter three of Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, and I can't help but think that maybe Beniyuri was friends with all of the love interests before? My prediction seems even more correct now, because I just selected a choice which made Beniyuri get sent a picture of Yamato and Hikage as children, and I think they're brothers or something. And just before I wrote this post everybody got told by Usagi that they're in a realm between life and death, so maybe everybody was together and then something happened so they all died at the same time and now they're all here in this mansion?

Also, I may have made a bad choice because I think Yamato's gonna die now. I may be coming up to my first bad ending!

I'm going to go back to playing it now. I just had this random thought and absolutely had to blog about it! See you all later!

Saturday, 26 January 2019


With most otome games, I just sit back and read and not have to put any effort into anything at all, except making the right choices. But with this game, I actually have to do stuff. I got to this bit in the story where I have to read six side episode things to pass, except each episode costs points and I don't have enough. So I have to grind with the mini games to earn enough points. I'm actually enjoying this because it means that I actually have to work to get more of the plot, and it's giving me a challenge and a reason to keep playing. It kind of reminds me of how much grinding I did with Mystic Messenger and all those free to play otome games to get further in the story.

The character you're playing the mini game with says stuff whilst you are playing. I didn't notice this the first time because I was doing it in public without the sound, but when I went home and played it again, there were so many sound effects and stuff. I chose to play it with Yamato this time, and it kept repeating the same voice clips over and over again and it was quite funny!

Once I actually get to the romance bit, I dunno who I'm gonna choose first because they're all pretty good. Normally in an otome game there's the one guy I don't like, but I like them all here. Karasuba's pretty cute so I might choose him first. I don't normally like love interests like him but he's actually really cool. He kind of feels like a cross between Yoosung and Heisuke to me, one of those young boy characters who's always nice to the main character.

My Japanese studying must've paid off because sometimes I can understand a few of the verbs the characters are using! They seem to use the verb "話し" a lot. The English translations are never exact though. Once one of the boys said something really simple in English but in Japanese he said something way longer instead. Maybe it was some regional joke that nobody in the west would get.

This game is sooooo good though. I used my real first and last name again so it's funny seeing the flashbacks with Beniyuri's family and seeing her little sister have a Japanese first name with this really western sounding surname. It would be even funnier if I gave her a stupid inappropriate name like "Sweaty Balls" but I don't really want to do that in a game I'm actually enjoying.

Even if a game's MC is really fleshed out, in my head I make up a back story for her that's basically my life story, just to increase the self-insert immersion a little bit more. If the game is set in Japan I'll usually pretend she's a foreigner on holiday or something just to make it seem like me a little bit more. The PS Vita otome game MCs seem to have a lot more backstory than the mobile MCs. Mystic Messenger's main character can literally be whoever you want and she doesn't even have a backstory, whereas the MC in games like Hakuoki has a full personality and stuff, the only thing you control is her name and some of her decisions.

I dunno how long it'll take me to finish this game. I'm probably going to try and read every short episode and complete the flowchart so it might take me a while. The flowchart is a good idea, I wish more games would have it so I could see how many story branches there are. The short episodes are a cool idea too. They're all just cute side stories to help you get to know everybody a bit better and to take a break from all of the serious plot stuff.

The next game I'll probably be playing is Code: Realize: Future Blessings. I'm gonna try and look into getting a cheap 8GB memory card so I can get Amnesia and London Detective Mysteria from the PlayStation Store too. I know I could just hack the Vita and get a SD card adapter but then I can't use PSN or anything and I don't wanna brick my console. I did hack my Wii though, but I didn't really do much after that except remove the region locking.

I hope you're all having a great weekend. Mine's going pretty well. I'm going to leave now!  Goodbye!

Friday, 25 January 2019

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly: Initial Thoughts

As soon as I booted up Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, I was blown away by the epic theme song and beautiful visuals. Yes, you read correctly. I've finally started this game. I have no idea why I was a bit scared it was gonna be boring, because it's great!

Not much has happened yet, I just woke up in this mansion and met a bunch of bishounen and then we looked around a bit and some stuff happened. There was also a mini game where you have to shoot butterflies. I played it with the touchscreen instead of the analogue sticks, and I got a C rating, but it's my first time so I'm going to be bad at it.

Now I think I just cleared chapter two, and now the game's telling me that I can unlock an extra episode if I have enough points. I dunno if it means mini game points or not, because I turned my Vita off for a break after that. But all I know is that I'm not gonna get any romance this time round, until I get the first ending.

I like all of the possible love interests, but I don't have any instant favourites. They're all as nice as each other and their voices are pleasant to listen to. This time I didn't turn the voice acting off, except for Beniyuri, because I've gotta self-insert, right?

I'm so glad I picked this game over Bad Apple Wars.

The game case actually came with some collectible character cards, as seen below. They're quite pretty. I want to stick them on my wall, but I'm scared the Blu-Tack will ruin them so I may put them in a frame.

It's kind of hard to see them properly, but I'm sure somebody's uploaded a better picture somewhere.

Anyway, this game is really, really good so far.

...And that's the end of this post.

P.S. I put a glitter butterfly GIF on the blog's sidebar so that it would fit the theme of the game I'm playing. The theme actually already matched the game's colour scheme pretty well.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Now, On to the Next Game.

So, I finished Lupin's route but we kept dying at the end no matter how many different choices I made. Then I had to look up a walkthrough and it said that I have to reload it at chapter thirteen using the "Path of Genesis" or whatever it's called feature and set the affection to maximum, and that seemed to fix it. Then I got the after story and it was very cute. This was the only route where Cardia ended up marrying her love interest at the end, but I think everybody gets to have a go at wedding her in the next game.

My game keeps glitching out and making some of the CGs I've earned in the after stories not appear in the album, which means that I can't get a trophy for "collecting all of the skin photos", but oh well. I have no PSN friends so nobody's gonna see what achievements I've earned.

In a few days, after I've read this book I just got, I'll be starting Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly. I read online that no matter what you have to do the normal common route ending first, then start dating the boys afterwards. It sounds a lot more complicated than your average otome game and I'm scared that there's not gonna be much romance... But in those games like Hakuoki where it's mostly plot I've never gotten bored or disappointed, so this game should still be good like the rest of them.

But before I do anything, I have to read that book. The book in question is "My Mum Tracy Beaker". It's probably a bit too young for me but I loved the Tracy Beaker series as a child and I wanna read about her all grown up.

I'll be back once I've started the next game. Goodbye!

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

What An Interesting Game!

Spoilers down below!

Tomorrow I will have finished Lupin's route. I'm on the last chapter now. It's so full of interesting plot twists and stuff. I'm actually glad they force the player to leave this route until last, because it feels like a grand finale to a TV show where everything comes together and all of the plot points are solved. Many of the characters and personal problems that were in some of the other routes also appear here, except you, I mean Cardia, doesn't get to play a part in them because she's too busy being captured by Finis.

The other bachelors didn't really do much in this route until the end, except Impey, he doesn't really do anything. Van Helsing gets some screen time with Lupin and kind of acts like a friend towards him, and Saint-Germain gets to do some stuff with Idea.

I was starting to like Finis until Cardia decides to save him and instead of thanking her he's just like "I h8 u bitch go away" and just lets go of her hand. I thought he was going to be forgiven, but nope, he just dies.

The quite attractive side character who is only available to date in the fan-disc, Herlock Sholmes, is actually called Sherlock Holmes. He decided to change his identity by switching round a couple of letters in his name and called it a day. And then the guy who's the villain in Van Helsing's route, Aliester, is actually Moriarty. I did not expect that twist to appear. I only actually know who Moriarty is because I watched BBC's Sherlock adaptation. I don't really know yet what that had to do with the plot of Lupin's route, it probably could've been more useful in Van Helsing's, but I'm not an otome game writer so I can't really tell them where to put stuff.

And it turns out Cardia and Finis are actually copies of Isaac Beckford's dead children. As soon as Cardi (I'm just gonna call her that now for the rest of the post, sorry) had this weird memory of waking up and being with her family and having breakfast and all that, I immediately knew that she was gonna be a copy. I watched Into the Spider-Verse recently and the villain in that wants to (SPOILER ALERT IF YOU'VE NEVER SEEN IT!)                 bring back his dead family. That was still fresh in my mind so it's probably why I could smell it coming.

In the fan-disk, I think Finis has a route. Hopefully it's not romantic. It better not be an incest route. I think Otomate are better than that though. It might just be a "What If?" situation where Cardi decides to join her brother to initiate Code: Realize, or maybe instead the terrorist plot doesn't happen and she just gives him the power of sisterly love and he stops being evil and gets welcomed into Sainty-G's mansion like Delly was.

It's gonna be so sad to leave this game! I hope Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly is good. Online it said that the game has a massive plot flowchart so I really don't want it to be really complex with fifty-billion different endings. It also has a mini game too. Please don't affect the plot, mini game! Please, because I'm really bad at those and I'm only really used to reading visual novels on my Vita because I don't have anything else.

There are Code: Realize character albums which I kind of want because they come with free charms and I'd like to hang one on my Vita. On the CD is also one of those audio drama tracks but they're probably all speaking Japanese really fast so I will never be able to understand it. They're most likely really expensive so I'll never end up buying one. I'm sure someone has uploaded them to YouTube somewhere.

Even though I haven't finished Code: Realize yet, I'm gonna rate it about a nine out of then. It's an excellent game, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the genre. It was worth getting my Vita to play it.

Before I leave, I just wanna mention something that I find strange. I know I don't play Ikemen Sengoku anymore, but I still kind of look at the artwork and stuff because it's pretty. There are a ton of fans for it, and they all seem to like that Mitsuhide guy, who hasn't got a route yet. I really do not understand why he has so many fans! Maybe it's because I only played one and a bit of a route from that game, but he just seemed like a creep to me! I probably just have different taste, that's all. It just surprises me how many fans he has. But people always like the weird ones, it's like that with every piece of media. I've had some awful crushes in my time, so I'm not really one to talk.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for today. Goodbye!



So, I literally just reached Lupin's dramatic love confession scene, and it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo romantic. This might actually be one of my favourite routes, to be honest. It was so cute because Lupin started talking about the one he loved, and Cardia was so oblivious, she thought he was in love with someone else when he actually loved her. :)

If you read my post about Sainty-G's route, then you would've seen that I was wondering whether Idea were after Cardia in every single route or if it was only a thing in Saint-Germain's alternate timeline/route. But the stuff with Idea is also happening in this route, so that's pretty cool. And Saint-Germain, even though he isn't romantically involved with Cardia here, he still protected her from them instead of trying to kill her like he did in his own route. Like, why didn't he try to kill her this time? Well, I think that maybe he just wasn't tasked to kill her in this timeline. I'm going to call each route a "timeline", because I kind of think of them as all parallel dimensions where in each one Cardia ends up with someone else.

Even though in Victor's route Queen Victoria was a villain, this time she's meant to be a good guy, and I don't think she's in charge of plotting any terrorist plots this time.

We also got the obligatory game title drop in this route. I don't think I could've predicted when I went into this game that Code: Realize was the name of a terrorist plot. I thought it was just some gibberish that didn't make sense.

I think I've already talked about this, but this game actually reminds me a lot of Hakuoki, but that's probably because I saw somebody mention it online. In both games, the title drop is in the main guy's route, the MC is some kind of monster/demon thing looking for her father who ends up running into a bunch of handsome men, and there's an evil twin brother. It's not really surprising that they're kind of the same, because they were both developed and localised by the same companies. But the games are still different though, I'm not trying to say that Code: Realize is a knock off or anything.

I don't think I could pick a favourite out of the two games though. They're both very different. It's harder to choose a favourite love interest from Hakuoki because they're all so awesome, but even though I like everybody from Code: Realize, Van Helsing will probably always be the best one in my opinion.

After I've done Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly and the C:R fan-discs, I might purchase a few Japanese otome games. I've been browsing to see what's out there for the Vita, and there are so many choices!

Apparently games like PsychicEmotion6 and Hakuoki SSL are some of the easiest to start off with, so I might buy those. There's also those Uta no Prince-Sama games that I've heard great things about. I will definitely be playing Hakuoki SSL before I die though, and Diabolik Lovers. Those have been on my list for a long time, and are my main motivations to study Japanese.

Even though people say that Diabolik Lovers is really weird, I really like the art and I like most yandere characters so I should enjoy it. If I play it in public, at least nobody can look over my shoulder and see the weird shit that goes on in those games, because it'll all be in Japanese so they can't read it! Hopefully I'll be able to understand it if I get it. I'm on Lesson 4 on the first Genki book so my Japanese is very basic.

Hakuoki SSL just sounds cute, and nobody dies, so that's great! Plus, Kazama has an actual route here instead of just a single ending where he kisses you and that's it. I could always just buy the PS Vita two part Hakuoki re-make in English as well, because Kazama has extra scenes there too. But I don't wanna play the same game again, and I don't know if there is enough extra content to justify getting it. There are new routes though, so maybe I should get it after I've gone through the rest of the English Vita otome library.

No matter what I play, I'll be sure to write it down here. If I play a Japanese one I'll try to recap the plots more for those people who can't play it because of language barriers. I also should get around to playing V's route and Ray's good ending, but I really need a break from Mystic Messenger. Having to take time out of the middle of your day to get a certain chat room gets tiring eventually.

I certainly am excited for the future of my otome gaming career!


Monday, 21 January 2019


OK, so I was browsing for tile backgrounds I could use on this blog, and I came across this.

I don't know if regular people would get offended at this, but I'd really like to tell these people to kindly fuck off. Have they even seen any of the pages on Neocities? I don't think any of the creators there are professionals, and they've made perfectly fine webpages. This webpage looks like shit anyway, it looks like one of those scam sites for those "PC Optimiser" virus programs.

I only clicked on this because I was looking at this page full of backgrounds and it said "ARE YOU USING THIS ON A WEBPAGE? CLICK HERE FIRST!!" and I thought it was gonna be something about copyright but it was just clickbait where they're trying to lecture me on making a website. I suppose this is aimed towards businesses and not personal webpages, but this page kind of angered me slightly. Sorry about this mini-rant. Maybe there is nothing to be offended about from this. Oh well, people get offended about stupid things everyday, so it doesn't really matter.

I shouldn't be mad, they are giving me free background images after all...


I apologise for the very stupid sounding post title.

I'm just writing to tell everybody that I might start furnishing this blog with blinkies and Deviantart stamps to make this site look less... generic. Be warned. Blinkies and stuff are kind of tacky looking at times but I'll try to make them seem pretty!

Do not worry though, I won't be using any of the weird ones that say stuff about love and religion and edgy rock bands. Most of them are like that, so hopefully there will be a nice enough one that isn't tacky and stupid that I can put here.

I just found a bunch of otome ones so I really really want them on here. They might be going on my Neocities site too.


UPDATE: I found one decent, but kinda tacky blinkie that I added to the sidebar. It says "Diet Coke Girl", and I suppose that'll look alright on my blog. Diet Coke is like a drug for me, so it would make sense if I add it to my blog. All of the others are designed for middle-aged women though, they say stuff like "HAPPINESS IS: Being an Auntie" and "I love my hubby :)" so I'm definitely not gonna add any of those because I don't have a husband, or a niece or nephew yet. I'm still looking at stamps to add.

Also, earlier I added a custom cursor, and I'm thinking of changing the site's background to something 20% cooler. Stay tuned for more updates!

Sunday, 20 January 2019

iMacs Are Very Pretty...

Today I watched a film from 2001 and in the background of some of the shots, there were these colourful iMac G3s sitting there. It reminded me of how much I wanted one.... I know they can't really do much in this day and age, but they're so pretty!!! On Gumtree they're selling them quite cheap but none of them are being sold anywhere near me. I can't really get one yet anyway, but I think I definitely will do once I clear up some more space in my bedroom.

This was a very quick post. Goodbye!

Quick Update No. 2987652789038765453567898765434567890

I currently have "I Wish it Could Be Christmas Everyday" stuck in my head, and my cat is sitting on my stomach whilst I type this. If it was Christmas everyday, I think it would get old very quickly. I would run out of room to store all of my presents and I would get fat from eating pudding and turkey all the time!

Saturday, 19 January 2019

The Second Renaissance of Misty's World (The Fizzy Drink Post)

I haven't updated my site this often in a while! That is why I am calling this time period "The Second Renaissance of Misty's World", even though it might actually be the third renaissance, I dunno for sure.

I'm currently drinking a can of Mango Diet Coke. I do like the new DC flavours they've brought out, even the new "fiesty cherry" flavour that tickles the back of your throat if you drink too much in one go. The original cherry flavour was better though, I think. Diet Coke does contain aspartame that apparently gives you cancer, but I love it so much over real Coke. It tastes so different to regular Coke that when I drink the normal stuff or Coke Zero it tastes so different. This lady in the Morrisons sandwich aisle once told me that Pepsi Max doesn't have aspartame in it, so maybe I should start drinking that?

It's funny how a post about my website has turned into a fizzy drink post! I'm just gonna keep talking about them. Have you ever seen those massive Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines they have in the cinemas and theme parks? They're awesome, except the Vanilla Diet Coke tastes absolutely rank, so don't try that, whatever you do. Originally I thought that they stored every different flavour drink in a separate container in the machine, but they just store the original type of each drink and just mix it with flavour shots depending on which one you choose. That's why the Cherry Coke has a few calories in it unlike the regular consumer version, because it uses the same sugary syrup that is used by the normal drinks in there. I've only used these machines in North America, I think the ones back in the UK have different drinks like Doctor Pepper (the best fizzy drink ever!) which the American one did not have.

Speaking of America, I'd like to talk about a difference I found between the lemonade there and how it is in England. Sometimes in a restaurant or pub back home I like to order it, and it comes as a clear fizzy liquid, a bit like Sprite or 7-Up. But once I ordered it in America and it was literally just squeezed lemons and water, I did not like it at all, even though it was less manufactured than the stuff back home. I think that kind is called "cloudy lemonade" or something.

Even though the U.S. was colonised by British people and they speak our language, I was surprised as to how different things were over there. They eat a lot of different things. When I went there when I was younger I went into this cafe and I wanted a chicken and stuffing sandwich, then I was disappointed to hear that they didn't do that flavour. Everything seems to have more sugar and stuff in it, too. It's a nice place to visit but I don't really think their food is as good. I don't really like burgers that much, unless they're made on someone's barbeque, nor do I like much American chocolate, except Hershey's Cookies and Cream or Hershey's Kisses. They have some pretty cool chain eateries though, like Dairy Queen, the Cheesecake Factory and Chili's. I went to the Cheesecake Factory and one slice of cheesecake was over one-thousand calories!!

Wow, this post has evolved quite a lot from the original subject, like a conversation would. This might be the first time that I've actually talked about something that isn't fictional or digital! I should write about these things more often. I do like talking about travelling and stuff.

What I wrote up there does kind of give away what country I'm from, but I don't think a predator is gonna track me down from just that information.

Have a nice night, everybody!

Friday, 18 January 2019

Lupin's Route

(There's going to be spoilers down below, like normal.)

My third post today!!!!!

So, Victor's after story was hilarious. It takes a lot sometimes to make me laugh out loud, even if something is meant to be funny, but this story managed to do it fine. Cardia's just trying to pull poor Victor's clothes off to get a bug, not knowing that what she's doing isn't really appropriate... It was very cute. It isn't really an "after story" though, because it's set during the common route. Saint-Germain's is too.

I'm excited to collect Lupin's extra story, but I've gotta complete his route first. I have a feeling it's going to be longer and more dramatic than the others. Today I started it, and I just got to the bit where Cardia went back to her mansion and then the nasty villagers tried to chase her. This is the only route where her escape from Sainty-G's mansion has actually been successful! Every other time, one of the boys ends up stopping her.

Just a quick little side note: When I talk about the MC in a game to myself, I usually just refer to her as myself, because I am a huge self-inserter. But when I'm on this blog I just use her regular name so I don't look like a weirdo.

Anyway, I'm excited for this route. Lupin isn't my favourite guy, but I did really enjoy him in Saint-Germains route. I think I already mentioned this, but he was really nice to Cardia there. He is supposed to be the main man of the story, so he has to be a pretty great character. Cardia's poison might be cured for real here, because I think that's what I found somewhere online. (I tried to avoid spoilers, but that just came up whilst I was browsing one day!)

From the start of the game, I think Van Helsing's been my favourite out of them all.. Normally I don't like the men with glasses that much, but I find him really hot for some reason.  His route was probably my favourite too, but that might just be because it was my first route. I don't think I'd be able to rank the routes though, because they're all still quite good. Speaking of rankings, I've just had an idea! One day I should make a post ranking all of my favourite otome love interests! It'd look weird for somebody clicking onto this site for the first time, but who cares!

So, all I have left before the end of the game is Lupin. I should be finishing it maybe on Monday or Tuesday, because I don't expect I'll be playing my Vita much over the weekend.

I've been looking at non-visual novel games for my Vita, but I'm not sure which ones look interesting. Persona 4 looks cool but I dunno if I'd find a JRPG with lots of combat any fun, no matter how much people praise this game. There's also a Nintendogs knock-off that I kind of want, because it looks cute and I really loved Nintendogs as a child, even though I always reset the game when I forgot to feed the puppies. It would be cool to have Stardew Valley on the Vita (I forget to play it on the Xbox a lot), but it's digital only! I wanted Persona 3 Portable because you could play as a girl, but I'm only going to get that cheap digitally too. I'll see about these other games, but for now my main focus is just otome, but I want to eventually take advantage of the Vita's rear touchpad and analogue sticks.

Wow, this was a very long post! I'm writing this really late at night, but I don't really feel tired because I drunk a can of Pepsi. (This isn't product placement, don't worry!)

See you all later!!

(I dunno why I put the tag "Stardew Valley" on this post, because I only mention it once...)

New Page On My Website!


So, I finally found something new to put on my website!!!

It's literally just a page where I ramble on about video games, but at least it's something!!!!

Go and check it out by clicking here!!


I've Almost Finished!

 (More spoilers for Code: Realize down below)

I literally just completed Victor's route and it was great, as expected. It was strange though that Cardia was slowing falling in love with this bloke who she suspected to be her father for some of the game...

This route probably had the most romance in it compared to all of the others. Now I've just got to play the after story (Which will probably have another fan service CG in it!) then I'm onto Lupin's route!

It'll be sad when I finally finish it all. At least I have the two fan-discs waiting for me, although I don't think the second disc is out in English yet. Really they should be called "fan-cartridges", because the PS Vita doesn't use UMDs, it uses those tiny little cartridges, like my old DSi XL does.

I'll see you all later once I've finished the after story!

Wednesday, 16 January 2019


This blog should just be called "Misty's Otome Blog" now, because all I write about are those games!

So, I finished Impey's route. I knew I should've changed the MC's name to something other than my real name during this route, because everytime he said "I love you, (insert my real name here).", it made me gag and feel kind of awkward. It's weird because I've never felt that before when "dating" my least favourite love interest.

I'm sure Impey is the perfect boyfriend for someone out there, but he's just not my type. I don't find him attractive at all. At least the story and the art was nice. In the after story there was another one of those shirtless fan-service CGs to add to the collection. 

I'm getting a lot of PlayStation trophies from this game. With my Xbox I'm really bad at everything so I never get any achievements, but with these visual novels they're so easy so the achievements keep coming through. Now I can use this time to advertise my PSN account because I have no friends. Please add me, my name is strangepigeon333! (My Xbox Live ID is itsdehhhhhh).

This morning I skipped through the common route like a VHS tape, and now I'm on Victor's route. Luckily he's a person I am actually attracted to. It's starting to look like he's got a depressing back story, like everybody else in this game. I've noticed that near the end of every route, there's always a really long part where the chosen love interest explains their back story to the player. I'm not complaining, it's just something I've noticed.

Hopefully this route will turn out to be as good as all the others!

Now, I'm going to change the subject.

I have quite a lot of posts on this blog now. At first I was writing them for people to read them, but now it feels like I'm not doing it for online fame, just for myself to look back at this at a later date and either cringe or feel nostalgic. That's probably a good thing, because they say that it's bad to be desperate for fame. This place is kind of like a diary.

... And that's all I have to write for today. Typing this has made me realise that I've forgotten to watch the new trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home that came out yesterday! Oh well.

Monday, 14 January 2019

That Was Quick...

 Spoilers below, I suppose.

It took me only two days to finish Sainty G's route. I must've really been enjoying it. The whole plot was so different from the last route, with that whole plot with Idea wanting Cardia dead and all that.

If Saint-Germain brought Cardia and all the others together in the mansion just for this special murder mission, why doesn't he try to kill her in any of the other routes? It may have made things a bit more interesting. Or maybe all of the other routes are alternate timelines where Idea doesn't exist at all.

Now I'm onto Impey's route. I wonder what depressing backstory he has up his sleeve? This route is turning out to be quite light-hearted. I don't think it's going to have as much sadness and plot twists as the other ones. Impey turned out to be a vampire, but I accidentally already found that out online! :(

Anyway, that's all I have to write today. I should be done with Impey's route in the next few days, so I'll give my thoughts on it then. Goodbye!

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Another Code: Realize Post


Saint-Germain is a very strange man. I normally like yandere characters but this guy is just weird. There's probably an explanation behind why he wants to murder Cardia, but I haven't got to that bit yet. I have no idea why Cardia still likes this man after all he's done to her. From the start of this route I could tell that something strange was going on. I have no idea how the romantic relationship is going to pan out after all this. If I was one of the other love interests, I would not let Cardia go anywhere near Saint-Germain at all.

Even though I'm actually enjoying this route, I still miss Van Helsing and how interesting his path was. It feels weird seeing him in the game as a side character now. I suppose I'll just have to get used to it, because I still have three more routes to get through until I can play the fandisc.

There's also an anime of the game I could watch but I'm not gonna bother because it's just the same story as the game except I can't self-insert myself into it. Plus I'm not very good at watching TV series all the way through. I'm not really much of a binge watcher because I get bored easily, unless the show is really, really good.

On the PlayStation store there are so many great looking games that are digital only. I want a lot of them so I was planning to get an 8GB memory card (I found a cheap one on Amazon) but I don't think that's going to be enough. There are bigger memory cards but they are all really expensive. Maybe I should just get physical games for now.

Well, that's all I have to write for today. Goodbye.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Code: Realize is a Very Good Game

Well, I finally got a PS Vita. I don't have a memory card or anything yet but luckily I made sure that I purchased the slim model so that I have 1GB of space, which should be fine for a while.

I have two games for it, Code: Realize and Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly. Before I start PotBB I'm going to get through C:R first so that I don't have to have two games competing for my attention at the same time.

Last night I finished my first route in Code: Realize. I'm having so much fun with it. The plot kind of reminds me of Hakuoki a bit, but I don't really care.

The first time I picked it up was in public so I had to have the sound turned off. Whilst I was reading it I made up individual voices for each of the characters in my head, so when I got home and turned the sound back on it sounded slightly strange hearing everybody speak in different voices, so I had to turn the voice acting off. I'm very sorry to the voice actors, I really should've turned them back on because it sounds like they must've put a lot of effort into the game. The BGM was probably quite good too, but I didn't get to hear much of that either.

Spoilers for the game below!

If you read my Hakuoki post from a few months ago, you'll know that I was crap at making the right choices so I had to use the walkthrough as a crutch to get me through the entire game. I'm quite proud of myself because when playing this game, I managed to get the route I wanted without looking at any guides.

I was originally planning to start off with Victor's route, until Van Helsing came into the picture and I chose him instead. In his route there were so many massive plot twists and a lot of sad scenes that probably would've been a lot more dramatic if I had turned the sound on!

But somewhere along the line I made one incorrect choice, which led me to have a very strange ending. At the end, Van Helsing kills himself. He's supposed to wake up, but because of one wrong choice, he never came back and it was quite depressing. The game didn't even tell me it was a bad ending, like it did when I did the wrong thing earlier on in the game and ended up getting murdered by Jack the Ripper.

This was where I had to use a walkthrough to figure out where I went wrong. Luckily I had a save from earlier on in the day so I could go back and correct my mistakes. I was quite happy at the end when Van Helsing woke up and everything was great again for Cardia. There wasn't a kiss scene though, which is disappointing because I heard that all of the other love interests get one.

After I completed the route, there was an after story for me to read. It was rather cute, and I thought it was going to contain a sex scene, but it turned out that was just a tease. That was rather unfortunate, but at least I got a shirtless CG to add to the collection! The only sex scenes I've found in these games is a bit in 707's after ending (At least I think) where it sort of implies that they're about to do some sexy stuff, and Harada's route in Hakuoki where it describes the beginnings of it then just fades to black.

Cardia was an alright main character, I suppose. I renamed her to what I'm called in real life, because I like to self-insert. Self-inserting can be frustrating though, because sometimes the MC in a game does really annoying things that other people might be OK with, but I just don't like them. Sometimes Cardia was quite stupid, but it's like that in every otome game I've played so far, even Mystic Messenger where you have quite a lot of control over what the MC does.

Now I've started Saint-Germain's route (with a tiny bit of help from a walkthrough), because he's pretty and also because I heard he's a bit of a yandere. I'm at the very beginning of the route and he's acting a bit strange. I do think he's attractive, but I'm not sure if he's good love interest material for Cardia yet. He really just seems like a friend or a guardian, not someone she's gonna date. I'll have to wait and see what happens.

Next I'm going to do Impey's route just to get him out of the way. He's officially my least favourite love interest because he's not really my type. I found him slightly annoying sometimes, but he is still a great character.

After I've completed this game and Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, I'm probably going to buy the fandisc, because a shop near me has had the special edition version in stock for a good price and it's been there since March and I really, really, really, want to get it in case some other person gets it even though that is very unlikely because the PS Vita isn't very popular. Sorry about that very long sentence.

I'm surprised that a lot of gaming shops near me actually sell Vita games. I've seen games like Period Cube, Norn9, Hakuoki and Bad Apple Wars for sale, and some of them even have been purchased. I wonder if there's an otome fan near me who keeps buying them all? That would be great, as long as they don't buy that special edition copy of Code: Realize Future Blessings that I really want. It's the only one there, if it sold I would have to buy it on Amazon, and for some reason it is way more expensive there.

After I finish Saint-Germain's route, I'll provide you another update about my thoughts on C:R. So far I'm really enjoying it. I think I can understand it better than Hakuoki because it's not based around history and because it's actually set in my own country. I expected them to use a lot of British slang in the game but because it was translated by Americans they use words like "mommy" most of the time which can be annoying but it doesn't really matter in the end.

I wrote a lot today, didn't I? Now I'm starving for lunch. I'm going to get something to eat, so goodbye.