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Monday, 27 August 2018


I'm currently replaying 707's route. It's amazing how much about the plot I have forgotten. This route is still my favourite. I forgot that I had to replay the prologue to get more hourglasses when I did Zen's route, so I made sure to go through it this time, using the max speed because I couldn't be bothered to read it all.

I wish 707's "maid" Vanderwood had his own route, because he's really attractive. But he really has nothing to do with the RFA so I have no idea how Cheritz would be able to shoehorn him into the main story.

Anyway, that's all I have to say. I should now use this opportunity to advertise my lonely Discord server.

I don't like Discord but it feels good owning a server.


Saturday, 25 August 2018

A Post Made Out of Boredom.

I'm really bored right now, so I might as well write a post on my blog. Today I played a lot of Cities: Skylines, and I managed to make a city without unlimited funds that's actually successful! There's even a football stadium in it, except the local team lost their first game.

I play the Xbox One version of the game, but if my PC had a better graphics card, I would totally get the Windows version, since you can get mods and stuff. The console version has mods but all they are is extra buildings.

I like naming all of my important buildings and metro stations. Each one of my metro lines has it's own name, like the London Underground does. I wish the game let you see inside the metro stations, that would be really awesome.

For some reason, I have had a craving for 2000s rap music. I don't know why, because normally I listen to dance music. It's probably because when I was younger, there was a lot of rap music on the radio. Last year I also listened to a couple of metal bands, too. I can listen to at least some songs from most genres of music, except country. Country is awful.

I was thinking of including a music page on my website for songs I like, probably because somebody else on my Neocities feed did the exact same thing. I don't want to look like I am copying them. Back when I was in primary school there was this girl who shamelessly copied all of my work and it was really annoying.

This is the end of the post. Sorry, I still have no idea how to conclude things!


The Sims

I recently started playing the first Sims game from 2000. The only other game in the series that I had played was the Sims Freeplay which would've been an excellent game if it wasn't a big cashgrab.

The Sims may not be very advanced for 2018, but it is still incredibly entertaining. I thought I would get bored with it very quickly, but I can play it nonstop for hours!!

This is just a quick little update. I am going to use this space to advertise my Twitter account, @strangepigeon6.


Sunday, 19 August 2018

I Finished Zen's Route...

Today I completed Zen's route in Mystic Messenger. I thought I would enjoy him since from the beginning he is always very romantic to the player, and he is kind of attractive. But he was so cheesy during his route, and he wanted to date me only a few days in!

When Saeran came to kidnap me halfway through I was happy, but there was no option for the player to actually want to be taken to "paradise", you just had to act like an annoying damsel in distress.

Saeran seemed incredibly attractive in this bit, too bad I haven't unlocked his route yet!

                (I think these are the first images I have ever uploaded here to be used in a blog post.)

The only good thing about Zen's route for me is that you get loads of hourglasses for some reason. At the end during the party Zen decided to make the player go up on stage with him and announce him as his girlfriend, which made me cringe because in real life I would be dying of embarrassment.

Now I am just going to play the Deep Route again. I'm probably going to try and aim for Jumin's bad ending where he keeps you in a cage like a pet. I don't know why I want to get that route. It seems better than the other bad endings.

I'm sure I'll have enough hourglasses to play Saeran's route eventually. I don't know if I want to romance V, though. He just sounds like a whiny loser to me. I'll probably end up playing him eventually. I hope I don't end up being a replacement for Rika like I almost was with Yoosung.

My first route ever was Yoosung's, when I was trying to get Zen. Yoosung's nice and all that, but I wouldn't want to date him. He would just be nice as a friend. It didn't help that I thought he was a girl initially, either.

My second route ended up being Jaehee's, even though I tried so hard for Zen. Sometimes when you compliment Zen it gives you a heart for Jaehee instead, which can be frustrating. Jaehee's route was cool. I do like her as a character, although when I finally got Zen's route, she was being very annoying.

I have played some of the after endings in the game. After playing 707's route, I unlocked one of the secret endings. It cost 10 hourglasses per chapter! I managed to unlock all but one of them, because I eventually ran out of hourglasses to play any further. It's quite interesting. There are some very cute moments between Seven and the player in it.

This post turned into half of a review of Mystic Messenger. I should stop rambling on about this game and think of posting something different for once.


Sorry for the abrupt end to this post.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

The Video Game Relationship Problems Post

I finally managed to get onto Zen's route on Mystic Messenger. When I first started playing the game, I thought he was one of the best possible love interests, but now I'm not so sure.

Zen is a nice guy and all that, and I never really cared about how he was a bit narcissistic, but now I'm finding him slightly annoying. Maybe it's because he's so overly romantic, even though he only met me around six days ago. I'm just finding this route kind of cheesy. I have no idea why.

I'm also getting a bit fed up with my Stardew Valley husband, Sebastian. One of the reasons I got married was to have an extra person to help me out on the farm. I thought that I had read somewhere that your in-game spouse would always feed the animals and water the plants, but Sebastian hardly does any of that! When he does feed the animals, I check up on them and there is no food and they are "looking thin"! And he hardly ever waters the plants. I would divorce him but I only have around 10,000g right now. I should have married Elliott or Shane. The reason I chose Sebastian was because he looked a bit like a Japanese light novel character I used to have a crush on.

But I was talking about Mystic Messenger, wasn't I? The only reason I downloaded it again was to see if I could gather 550 hourglasses for Saeran's route without spending real money. Now I'm in love with the game again like I was last year. And I've just been reading a load of things about the "Reset Theory", which is very interesting to me.

I have no idea how to conclude this blog post, so GOODBYE!

EDIT: I just changed the colours of the blog's theme. Hopefully my blog won't look like an eyesore to my lovely readers.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Oh No...

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that last year I was playing this game called Mystic Messenger. Before Christmas started in 2017, I deleted that app. I enjoyed the game quite a bit, but it was annoying having to keep track of each chat room, trying not to miss them all.

Whilst browsing the Internet yesterday, I came across some images related to the app. And then I realised how I never got to do Zen's route. But the route I wanted to play the most was Ray's, but the only problem was that it cost over five-hundred hour glasses to unlock. The easiest thing to do would be to use real money to purchase the sufficient funds to play, but I'm never going to do that!

So I'm going to download the app again and start Zen's route and keep playing all the other routes again to get the hour glasses. I did have quite a few of them until I spent them all on the after endings and the "secret" endings. At least it's the summer, so I'm able to catch almost every chat room. 

I wish I didn't end up going down the Mystic Messenger rabbit hole again. But I won't be resting until I have enough hour glasses to unlock the route of my favourite character! I saw some screenshots of it online and it looks so romantic, I am very excited.

That's I have to say for now. Farewell.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018


Boredom has hit me again............................

I was excited last week for Infinity War to come out on Blu-Ray last Friday but then I realised it wasn't coming out yet. Then I thought it was coming out this Friday but it isn't... It's coming out next week. :(