Pink Bobblehead Bunny

Thursday, 24 May 2018

The One Year Anniversary of Misty's World

On June 9th, 2018, it will have been a year since I moved Misty's World to Neocities. The original site was created in January 2017, but it was radically different to what it is today. It wasn't until the Neocities era that my site actually became something special.

I'm just going to treat the Neocities migration date as the official anniversary. When the day actually comes, I'll be on holiday, so I'll probably forget about it. Oh well. I'm just glad I didn't give up on the site a month in.

I wanted to practice my HTML skills and make some cool website, but I can't think of anything to make.

Do you think auto-correct messes up people's spelling? I do. That's why I turn it off.