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Friday, 21 June 2019

Misty's World 3.0 is Finally Here!

If you were following my site last year, you may remember that around the time that it turned a year old, I completely and utterly revamped it to use a bit more CSS. At the time I thought that it used loads of CSS, but really it didn't use that much of it.

Misty's World is almost two years old now, so after being inspired by other people's sites with more fancy Cascading Style Sheets, I decided to revamp the site all over again. It's here, if you want to see the new design. I know, it doesn't look perfect, but I'm really bad with CSS so it's all I could do. Actually, I'm just realising that it looks a lot closer to how this blog looks now.

I literally deleted every old file from my site (Don't worry, I backed it up beforehand!), but my laptop's wireless signal thing was messing up again, and the Internet went off halfway through. It's really annoying because Neocities has a weird file management system, meaning that you have to delete each file one by one, not all at once. It is quite annoying. 

Eventually, I managed to delete everything and upload all of the new stuff. There were a few errors, but they should all be fixed by now, except for one major, major error. I dunno if this is just my computer (I just partitioned my PC's hard drive and installed Windows 7 because it's way faster, I'm using that now and my trackpad driver isn't installed properly because it crashes a lot so that may be the issue) but on Chrome the left navigation bar doesn't work. The hyperlinks just won't click. It's weird because when I tried it with an old version of Internet Explorer, it worked fine. Hopefully other Chrome users won't have the same problem as I. It's annoying, why did it have to happen with such a popular browser?

I know this blog hasn't had a proper post in a while. I don't think I'm going to make a post on the Japan exclusive Hakuoki fan-disc I'm playing, because it's super hard to understand. I do get the basic plot of it, but it's harder for me to write about games in another language. I've been taking it super slow, even though it's quite a short game, it's been taking me ages for some reason. I dunno what I'm gonna be playing after that, so there may be a post drought for quite a while.

I'm going to start blogging about my doll collection soon, so there's that to look forward to. I know this is an otome blog, but originally it was a blog of all trades, with posts about anything, so it doesn't matter if I write about something different.

I should stop writing now, because that's all I have to say. See you all later!

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Collar X Malice is Getting an Anime??

Even though I completed the game months ago, I've still managed to write two Collar X Malice posts in a row...

Recently at the 2019 Otomate Party, (I think it's this event where they announce new games and get voice actors doing stuff and all that) they announced that Collar X Malice was going to get an anime adaptation! It's also getting another stage play and a Switch port, so I suppose that's great too.

I don't really watch anime anymore, but I'm actually quite interested in this. It'll be a bit strange to see Ichika animated and having a voice, because when I played the game I just used her as a blank slate for my self-insertion fantasies... I always thought that she would have a mature, deeper voice, but she's probably going to sound like a normal high-pitched anime girl.

The story will probably follow Yanagi's route since it's supposed to be the canon story, but they might just make it so that Ichika ends up with nobody so that the viewer can choose her love interest by purchasing the game or something. They might add in extra fluffy scenes and new content too!

It's going to be great to see all of my favourite love interests animated! I just hope that the art actually looks decent, because the other two otome anime adaptations I know, the Code: Realize and Diabolik Lovers series, I really can't stand the character designs there. It's a shame because the game CGs were really pretty.

There may be a chance of this eventually getting an English dub, since the game got localised over to the West. I don't like English versions of anime though because they always give the characters these generic American accents. When I read the game without sound, I automatically made everybody talk like bog standard British people because that's where I'm from, so it might sound a bit odd hearing them speak like they're from across the pond. I feel like this kind of series would be well received amongst Western anime fans, and it might make them want to buy the game. Maybe that means the Switch version will get brought over too? The fan-disc is built into that port, so it would be awesome if we got that over here! The only problem is, I don't have a Nintendo Switch, and I probably won't have one for a very long time...

Since the only game I'm playing right now is one I can barely understand, I decided to comment on some otome news just so that this blog has less of a content drought. I dunno if I'll be buying any more Vita stuff for a while because I've already gotten loads of games in the span of five months, I need to pace myself a bit. Not that I got them with my own money, I got them all using Amazon vouchers I got as Christmas and birthday gifts!

I need to go to bed now, so I'll say goodbye. See you all later!