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Friday, 14 December 2018

Well, That Aged Well!

I'm going to copy and paste a blog post I made more than a year ago now, on It's about my reactions to the first "trailer" for the iPhone X, posted on the 12th of September, 2017. My thoughts on it are really hilarious.

(Please note: the copy and paste probably messed up the formatting of it.)

Today I watched that video for that new iPhone that should be coming out sometime in November. Personally, I don’t like the design of the newer iPhones that much, even though I do like how shiny they are on the back. For some reason I like phones that are basic and old, because I’m weird in that way.
The iPhone X (I guess they decided not to call it the iPhone 8…) looked really high-tech to me, I don’t know why. The design looked like something from the future, but I didn’t really like it. The screen literally takes up the entire device, which is weird to me, because I’m used to having buttons underneath the screen.
The camera looked cool. I didn’t like how the lens was really huge, but I guess it has to be huge to fit all of the stuff that makes it great inside. One of the things I thought were cool about the iPhone 7 when I messed around with one in the Apple Store was the camera. It just seemed so clear, and had lots of different settings on it. My favourite camera mode was the portrait mode. Maybe the camera is actually really crappy, but to me it seems amazing, since I’m used to using the camera on my iPhone 5C, which is kind of outdated now, and my old Nokia Lumia 630 had the worst camera in the world.
The face unlocking feature seemed interesting. I’m sure I had a friend with an Android phone which could do that, though. That thing probably only used the camera, whereas this iPhone feature scanned your face with a laser thingy or something. They even showcased a feature where you can animate emoticons using your face. I don’t care for emojis, (I even deleted them off of my phone) but that feature looked cool. It might not even be available when the phone is actually released, though.
I think this fancy new phone even comes with a new version of iOS, because the icons that it had on the screen looked updated. They obviously have to do that, otherwise the new features on this device wouldn’t be supported.
I will probably never get one of these, because they’ll be really expensive, as Apple products always are, and because I don’t need a new phone. When it comes out, I’m sure there will be lots of kids in my school whose parents will buy it for them, even if they already have a brand new iPhone 7 that they only got a few months ago.
I don’t really follow the releases of brand new mobile phones, so maybe this thing isn’t that technologically advanced, and there’s probably an Android phone which can do more than this. I did see a Samsung in a shop the other day where the screen almost took up the entire phone, like this iPhone did…
The only phones I really want are outdated Windows Phones, and that crappy Motorola ROKR phone from over ten years ago, only because it has disco lights on the side…
Anyway, there’s my post for today. I only really proof-read the first paragraph, so there’s probably loads of errors in here. At least I actually made a post on this blog!
(I hope this entire video for this new phone wasn’t fake or just a concept…)"

The iPhone X looked so futuristic then, now I just see it as just another smartphone... I didn't even know that the iPhone 8 was going to be released too.

That was about a month before I got my iPhone SE. I didn't expect to be buying another Apple product, but the contract was really cheap on the SE, so there was no point spending more on an Android phone.

Reading my old blog posts is so much fun...

Wednesday, 12 December 2018


... And this is what happened when I used cheats to move Bella Goth back to Pleasantview and give birth to a half-alien child who she named "Cassandra" (I pretended she had amnesia and couldn't remember her real family.), all whilst her other daughter was already an Elder with five children and her son was long dead. Bella died shortly after.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Christmas DLC

I just managed to get the Mystic Messenger Xmas DLC with a 30% discount. Tomorrow, I'm going to start playing it.

I'm excited!

Monday, 3 December 2018

Exciting Stuff

I heard somewhere online that the trailer for Avengers 4's gonna be out on Wednesday! That's in only two days!!

Oh, and by the way, I forgot to update on this blog, but I got Ray's normal ending. It was cute. I'm taking a break from the game again, but later on I'll recover my Day 7 save and try and make sure that I get all of the party guests to come so that I get the good ending.

I'm currently listening to some eurodance music, specifically one of my Spotify playlists that I listened to a lot in the summer. Eurodance is awesome. I'm actually in a public place right now and I'm dancing whilst sitting on my chair because this music is so great. People will probably look at me funny, but I don't really mind.

I haven't thought of anything else to add to my website, but I'm learning Java at school so maybe I could use it on my site? Java is quite hard for me right now, but I only started it on Friday. I think we're going to be using it with webpages so I'll be able to show everybody my already existing HyperText Markup Language prowess! .... But I don't think anybody will care.

That song from all of those summer Coca-Cola adverts, Chameleon by Pnau, just came on. It's not really Eurodance but it's on my playlist anyway. The artist even attached a fancy visual sequence to it on Spotify, too. The song's giving me so much nostalgia for a few months ago.

Anyway, that's all I have to write today! Hope you all have a nice day!

Thursday, 15 November 2018

More Otome Game Ramblings...

Cheritz, the creators of Mystic Messenger, are going to be releasing a new game soon, and it sounds really cool. So far it's only in BETA on the Google Play Store, but it should eventually come out of BETA and go onto the iOS App Store.

I didn't really know what it was going to be at first, so I did a bit of research on it. It's called the Ssum, and it's a calling/texting game like Mystic Messenger, but still a bit different. Apparently it learns your schedule so that you don't have to miss chats anymore whilst you're at work or school! And it sounds like you have only one relationship that never ends, so you don't switch routes or get any bad endings or anything.

The artwork is pretty, but it's a lot different looking to the art in the other Cheritz games. From the screenshots I've seen, the UI looks very similar to Mystic Messenger's, with the same fonts and everything.

I'm guessing that the game is going to be free to play, but it doesn't concern me that much because Mystic Messenger is one of the most generous F2P games I have ever played. It's probably not going to have any advertisements or anything like that.

I could play the BETA on my spare Android phone if I wanted to, but I'm just going to wait until it comes to iOS. Who knows, it might even turn out to be better than Mystic Messenger!

Speaking of Mystic Messenger, I'm having a break from it now. But on Saturday, I'm going to try Ray's route for the third time. The Max Speed feature would really help me here, but I'm too cheap to spend any money on the game! Another Story doesn't even give you Max Speed on the first day, unlike the other routes.

I was bored yesterday so I downloaded this F2P otome game called "Several Shades of Sadism". The UI and the fact that the love interests were all brothers kind of reminded me of Diabolik Lovers. It's an alright game, and it runs exactly the same way as Midnight Cinderella and Ikemen Sengoku, meaning it can also be a little bit laggy.

The interfaces of these F2P otome games feel like old fashioned HTML pages that use graphics as buttons. They even load like webpages too. Sometimes when I've been playing IkeSen on a slow connection, one part of the character's face will load before the other, so I just see a floating face for a few seconds!

Several Shades of Sadism (The name sounds like movie name you'd hear in a TV show that's trying not to get a copyright strike for using the name Fifty Shades of Grey!) has your average otome plot where the heroine ends up in a situation where she has to choose what attractive guy to start working for. At least the game still entertains me. It'll probably end up being deleted once I come across a "love challenge" that gets too difficult.

It reminds me of the first otome game I played, about two years ago. It was called "Shall We Date? Blood and Roses". The game was another boring F2P mobile app that I only downloaded because I saw it advertised on Facebook. I think I had it on my phone for almost a week, before I deleted it because I thought that the "love challenge" system would eventually become impossible to beat. The only thing I really liked about it was the art.

I then became curious of this strange genre of Japanese female dating games, so I searched for them on the App Store. They all intrigued me, but I was a bit put off by the F2P features that they all seemed to have.

Then I think I downloaded one of those F2P historical otomes, but I can't remember for the life of me what it was called. All I know is that I played through the prologue and it was about some girl who had a brother or something and that I chose the route of some guy with a red outfit and long, black hair. One of the character names from IkeSen sounded like it was from that game, so it may have been set in the same time period. It may have been that Samurai Love Ballad: Party game, but I don't think that game has the guy in the red outfit. That game was deleted off of my phone very quickly, too.

I forgot about the genre, probably because the only games I had seen were the crappy mobile ones. But then Mystic Messenger came along, and I became interested again. At least now I'm able to get some of the fancier paid otome games.

I was thinking of getting the one other PSP otome game that's in English, Sweet Fuse, but I'm not sure about the love interests that are available. I thought the PSP would have more games in the genre in English than just Hakuouki and Sweet Fuse, but I was wrong. Most of them are for the Vita, PC or Switch now.

Wow, I've rambled a lot in this post, haven't I? We might as well call this place Misty's Otome Blog from now on...

Here's another abrupt conclusion to this very long blog post. Goodbye!

Wednesday, 14 November 2018


So I tried to play Ray’s route again, and I participated in all the chats and everything! But just before the Day Four branch, I got a bad ending! At first I thought that I was getting V’s route instead, because I was nice to him in one of the later chats, because a few of the other answers required me to sound very annoying.

This ending was actually quite romantic, so I’m not complaining, but how on Earth did I get it? I was in as many chats as I was the last time I played, so it’s not because of low participation levels! It might be because I got an equal amount of hearts for both V and Ray. But I was only nice to V a couple of times, and that was mainly by accident!! However, this time I did choose less of the answers that made it clear that I was in a game, and I think some of them gave out purple hearts.

I’m starting to think now that this game doesn’t want me to get a good ending at all!

(Spoilers below!)

In this ending Ray thinks that you care about the RFA more than him and starts crying (Which made me sad!) then he starts acting a bit like a yandere and says that you can be his assistant forever or something like that. It’s like the bad ending you can get in the regular story prologue where Unknown takes you away as his “assistant”.

I liked this ending, even though Ray was acting a bit creepy. It’s a shame that I couldn’t pass the fourth day, though. I didn’t expect that at all!!

Hopefully next time round, I’ll be successful. I wanna get enough hourglasses to unlock the Christmas DLC before the holidays are over, so I’d better start gaining those hearts quickly!

Friday, 9 November 2018

Oh Poo...

(Read posts below if you have no idea what I’m on about!!)

Well, those hourglasses were wasted...

I tried to reload my save at the right time so it wouldn’t make me miss any chats. But it just turned out that I have missed almost all of day five. I didn’t see it all because of the game branch.

I can’t be bothered to read all these chats. It’s getting late now. I might just restart from day one tomorrow. Goodnight!

(Typing on the desktop version of Blogger with my iPhone SE is a pain!!)

I Did More Research on That Bad Ending "Glitch"...

So, I did a bit more of the research on Ray's Bad Relationship Ending 2 (See the post below!) and apparently, whether or not you get that ending (if you even make it to the tenth day) is decided by the game in the first four days. I don't know if this is true or not, but I'm just going to believe it for now.

The trouble is, I just spent five hour glasses to go back to the fourth day, because I didn't have any other save files for Ray's route. I know you're meant to save the game often, but I never bother because you have to spend hourglasses to load the game.

So, if what I read online is true, then if I try to get to the eleventh day again, I may end up getting the same ending. I'm thinking of just trying to aim for one of the other bad endings instead now, maybe the one where you end up being locked up and abused by Saeran for the rest of your days.

It's such a shame that this glitch exists. So many other people have had it too, and there doesn't seem to be any solutions to it other than starting again. I think that the glitch may be caused by starting the first day quite late in the afternoon, missing most of the chats. Except apparently the first day of the game doesn't count towards your endings at all. Normally, I tend to start a new game at around 15:00 on Friday evenings, but doing that has never given me any bad endings before.

Hopefully I'll find a solution and write about it here, so anybody in the future who is having trouble with the game can read this. Well, that's if Mystic Messenger is still around in the future. I think it will be. But I've always wondered, since Mystic Messenger requires the Internet to open, if Cheritz ever shuts down their servers, won't that stop the game from ever working again? Or would they modify it so it won't ever require the Internet at all? I don't want it to be gone forever if the server  dies. But because it's popular, I'm sure somebody would create a custom server for it, like they did with stuff like Club Penguin and the Sims Online. (Side note: One of my favourite virtual worlds that closed never had anybody make another server for it and it makes me sad, because it was a really fun game...)

Maybe one day I'll make a Mystic Messenger guide on my website or something, even though there are already plenty of them on the Internet already.

I spent so many hourglasses on Another Story so it's sad that I got a bad ending the first time round. Maybe my character's relationship with Saeran was never meant to be...

Actually, it reminds me of the first time I played Mystic Messenger, and I got the bad ending on the common route where Yoosung thinks that he's a robot or something, then he gets kidnapped by Saeran. It was because I had no idea that you had to keep up with all of the chats. I had never really looked up the game online or anything beforehand, in fact I knew hardly anything about it, except that somebody I knew played it and it was some kind of anime texting game. The only reason I downloaded it because I came across it one day whilst browsing the Google Play Store before going to the mall.

I'm rambling a bit here, aren't I?

Maybe I should end this post now, it's getting quite late...

Unintentional Bad Ending?

Well, that was disappointing...

 Today my Another Story journey ended when I was on Day 10. For some reason I got a bad ending unintentionally.

(Spoilers below!)

I didn't choose any incorrect answers or nothing. Everything was going smoothly, until I got to a game branch. I didn't even save at that point, because I gave up on saving my games months ago.

Some Mint Eye follower came up to me and gave me some drugs or something, and the next thing I knew I was stuck in some dungeon. (Why am I referring to the MC in first person??) Then Saeran/Ray/Unknown or whatever you want to call him appeared. He was like "I'm gonna get you out of here, just take these sleeping pills!" and I was thinking "Wait a second! How do I know Rika hasn't manipulated you into tricking me?? And if I'm leaving, what's gonna happen to you??????" but there were no options to protest against him.

Then Saeran was like "I'm gonna miss you!" and the screen went blank. Then I saw the background for Rika's old apartment! At this point, I thought I was still heading for the normal ending. (I messed up a lot of the emails so I knew I was never going to get the good ending.)

I tapped my screen, and this was what came up.

"The messenger game will restart." What does that mean? And then I got the Bad Ending screen.

Is this ending like a fourth wall break or something? Because my messenger technically restarted straight after that.

According to the Internet, to get this ending you need to have participated in less than 30% of the chats that occurred since the last game branch. But that's weird, because I've taken part in most of the chats so far, except the late night ones! After doing some more digging, I found out that other people who have been playing the game often like me have also gotten this ending. It must be a bug. A very annoying bug.

I was really enjoying this route so far too!

It's such a shame that I have to replay it all from the beginning.... :(

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

What Should I Call This Post???

 (Spoilers below for about two different games.)

Another Story is amazing so far! I managed to get onto Ray's route without any issues. The romance comes so quickly compared to the other routes, but I'm not really complaining, because I downloaded this game so I could see some of that. However, now I'm at the bit where Rika "cleanses" him and turns him into an abusive douchebag. I'd watched some of the scenes from this part and I kind of enjoyed them, but now that I'm actually playing it, I realise that if I was treated that way in real life, I would feel really uncomfortable.

The game is giving me choices where I can either act a bit wimpy towards Saeran or try and stand up for myself. I chose the options that I would do in real life, but they are mostly the pushover options, so I won't be surprised if I get a bad ending.

In the Casual Story and Deep Story I didn't really think much of V, but now that I'm seeing him often in the RFA chat rooms, I want to play his route a bit more now. Before Ray's route existed, I had no desire to get Another Story at all. I wasn't interested in V enough to want to save up for it.

The chats are so much longer now, which is good because you have more content, but bad when you're busy and you want to get through the chat quickly. The new soundtrack is great, but I don't get to hear it often because most of the time I'm playing the game in a public place.

I almost finished Seven's secret ending, too. The voice acting was so intense during the emotional scenes, when the characters were angry or depressed, it even made me feel a bit sad and uncomfortable, like in real life, where I feel weird when somebody nearby is really upset or annoyed. But I played most of the later parts without sound, but I might go back to them just to hear some of that acting.

And I've almost done every good ending on Hakuouki now. I'm almost at the end of Harada's route. He's a nice guy and all that, but I was never really interested in dating him. I don't really find him that attractive either. His route is the most normal of the bunch, because he doesn't have any problems or anything and only a few minor characters die. He doesn't even drink the Water of Life, so you don't have to decide whether to feed him blood or not. I think if you don't give them blood or medicine they get corrupted which leads to a bad ending, but since you can't do that on Harada's route, the bad endings must work a bit differently.

Kazama isn't even present that much either during Harada's route, you get Shiranui instead. I don't really mind because I like Shiranui. I actually thought that he was a girl at first. He's quirky and somewhat interesting. I thought that he might have been one of the new characters you can date in Kyoto Winds/Edo Blossoms, but I was a bit disappointed when I found that was not the case. Maybe there wasn't any romantic interest in him amongst fans so the developers decided not to add him.

I dunno what I'm gonna do once I've completed this route. I could replay and and try to get bad endings. Every time I've started the common route again, I've been skipping through all of the bits I had already read. Is that technically cheating? Do normal people do that, or do they just reread every thing? To  be honest, I don't know why I'm concerned if that's cheating when I cheat everyday by using a walkthrough to check whether I'm selecting the right choices.

Next time I play I could just make my own choices and see what route I get, but I fear I might end up with the normal ending again. Maybe I should also stop writing posts about the same two games, too...

I just want a PS Vita so badly so I can play more of these games. My PC could easily handle visual novels but if I get them on Steam, I won't play them as often since they are not on a handheld. But I could always save up to buy one of those handheld Windows computers, like that one for gaming, I can't remember its name, but I think it begins with GPD?

It's Christmas soon, so who knows what kinds of games I will get. I was thinking of getting Forza Horizon 4, but I think I'll wait until the price goes down before picking it up. I got my Xbox One last year but I find that I am hardly using it! I'll go through phases where I don't game for a couple of months, then I'll be playing all the time for a few weeks, then I'll go back to not playing anything.

I have so many games I have started and not finished, especially on my Xbox 360. Ever since I upgraded I've been neglecting it a bit. One game I got really cheap on Amazon for the 360 is Kameo, it's really good but I only managed to play it about three times over a span of about six months. Some of these games get too difficult for me sometimes, so I lose my motivation to keep playing.

This post is really long. Someone even looked over my shoulder (I'm typing this at school, unfortunately) and commented on how much text there was.

Maybe I should stop writing now. Goodbye. Have a nice day! 

Wednesday, 31 October 2018


I was going to wait until Friday to play Another Story, but I couldn't wait!!!!

The game is so good so far, I'll get into spoilers later on, since this is just a quick post! And there are new ringtones and notification tones for each of the characters!!! They all sound so awesome!!!

I sound really excited here, don't I?

Anyway, stay tuned to see my initial impressions on Another Story!!!

Okita's Route

Well, today's Halloween. I wanted to go trick or treating (I've only ever been once) but I can't find anybody to go with me. Oh well. I don't need to eat sweets anyway. The weather's also really wet and miserable, like it always is on Halloween.

...And this post is about Hakuouki again.

I completed Okita's route earlier, and even though he isn't my favourite love interest, his route is my favourite so far. It felt like there were more interactions between him and the main character, whereas in the other routes I've played sometimes there was more historical war stuff instead.

Now I'm aiming to get Heisuke, and yes, I'm still using the walkthrough. Once I've done every single route I may try to play without it and see what route I land on. I might even try to get some bad endings.

Guess what? I'm only about five hourglasses away from unlocking Another Story! Either today or tomorrow, I should end up having enough. I always start new Mystic Messenger routes on a Friday, because I stay up longer so I have a better chance of getting all more of the chat rooms.

Apparently, Another Story is quite emotionally draining and it can make you cry, but my mood normally isn't affected by the media I consume. If I didn't cry during Infinity War, then Mystic Messenger shouldn't make me sad at all.

I already know what a lot of the CGs from Another Story look like, and I listened to one of the calls on YouTube. This was ages ago. I spoiled myself because I didn't expect myself to ever be able to afford it.

I'm going to play V's route too, only because you have to buy it with Ray's and it would be a waste if I didn't check it out. Before Ray's route existed, I never had any plans on playing it because I didn't care about V enough to want to save up. Hopefully, it won't break my heart playing his route when Ray's right there too. It's hard enough trying not to flirt with Seven when I'm trying to get Jumin's route.

Did I tell you that the other day I got Jumin's bad ending where he keeps you in a cage? I think I probably did. I'd already seen it on YouTube, but I wanted it anyway, for collection purposes.

I'm super excited to play Another Story! The other day when I read the Halloween event chats with Ray in them, I actually squealed in delight like some kind of crazy fangirl. I'm kind of ashamed that I am so attached to fictional people that I'll get over excited about them.

Hopefully you'll all have a nice Halloween. I got a nice costume to go out in, but I fear I am doomed to give out sweets again this year. At least there'll always be some leftovers for me to salvage. There are lots of trick or treaters on my street, but I've lived in places where you would only get one or two knocking on your door.

I have to go now, so goodbye!

Have a Happy Halloween!

Monday, 29 October 2018


(Spoilers up ahead!)

Well, I finished Saito's route yesterday. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Today I decided to play Chikage's route, because he's interested me from the start and he wants to marry you from the start so I expected there to be more romance early on.

I spent about twenty minutes skipping through the text in the common route, making the right choices so that I wouldn't end up dating somebody else instead. It took me two times because I didn't use a walkthrough, and somehow I ended up getting Hijikata's route even though I hardly paid any attention to him.

Eventually I got to the end of the common route, and Chikage decided to kiss me  the main character. It was very exciting, and I expected the MC to go off with him and get married or something sweet like that. But it just ended.

The credits started rolling, and I said out loud (even though I was in the school library) "Is that it?".
I had heard that his route would be short, but I didn't expect it to be that short. All that happened was the same things that happened on the normal ending that I got on my first playthrough, then he just kissed you once, admitted that he had fallen for you, and that was it.

This game is very good and and I really love it, but I still can't help but be disappointed. You couldn't even call that a route. It's just really an ending, but neither a good ending or a bad ending.

After doing some research, I found out that the two part PS Vita/PC remake gives him more romantic scenes. Now I have another reason to get a Vita. I was planning not to buy the remake if I ever got a Vita, because it's really the same story and it's a lot more expensive, but I really want a better route for my dear Chikage so I might end up purchasing it after I've burned through every other otome on the platform. You get more love interests and romance scenes, so it sounds like it may be worth it. It's just a shame that it's split into two. The first game, Kyoto Winds, has only the common route on it, which I am just skipping through now as I am replaying it to get different routes.

I just want the spin-off game, Hakuouki SSL to be translated into English! That game looks like it would have a lot of sweet romantic scenes in it. I could just buy the Japanese version but I am terrible at Japanese. I would probably spend an hour attempting to read it with Google Translate then give up and never touch it again.

Now I'm starting to play Okita's route. I'm playing the routes in order of interest. I would have played Chikage first if I could unlock him straight away, but I think if I did it may have given me a slightly worse impression of the game. Next I'm going to do Heisuke's route. He looks cool, but I've never been romantically interested in him. Harada is last because I have no interest in him. When I first saw him I thought he was just a side character. I was surprised when I found out that he was a love interest.

I'm starting to notice a pattern on this blog. I'll gain an interest in something, write four or five posts about it, then move on to writing about something else for another few posts. It must be really boring for someone who has an interest in my blog to see me ramble on about dating simulators.

Sorry, if you're reading this and you don't like what I post about.

I still haven't learnt how to write proper conclusions for blog posts, so I'm just gonna end it here.


Saturday, 27 October 2018

I Played Another Otome Game...

So, last Thursday, Hakuoki (the PSP version) came to me through the post. I played it, and it was really good.

The first time I did it, I decided to only choose the choices that I would actually make in real life. Except those choices I made were really bad choices, and I ended up getting the "normal" ending where (Spoilers if anybody cares!) you end up spending some time with Chikage and everybody in the Shingensumi ends up dying off-screen. That depressing ending made me feel a bit empty and depressed.

If I had made the exact same choices that I did if I had already played two routes, I would have gotten to romance Chikage, who is turning out to be one of my favourite characters, even though he's a bit of a douchebag.

To ensure that I didn't end up getting any more bad endings, I decided to use a spoiler-free walkthrough. A few times I was going to make my own choices, but I quickly checked the Internet and found out that the options I were about to choose were the wrong ones. Using a walkthrough is a bit like cheating, but I really don't want to make any mistakes and end up making everybody die again.

I managed to complete Hijikata's route first, even though the Internet told me that he is best to leave for last. The story was really good, even though it was filled with a lot of Japanese history that I didn't understand. Before purchasing the game I heard that it would have a lot more plot than romance which concerned me, but I found myself not minding at all. It just makes it more meaningful when the romance scenes do eventually show up.

It took the main character forever to actually develop a relationship with Hijikata, but I guess it's more realistic than Mystic Messenger, where the romance only takes a bit more than a week to get going!

The soundtrack and the art work was amazing. I was really surprised when I found out that the entire game was pretty much fully voiced. It's a shame that I couldn't listen to the dialogue all the time, because most of the time I was playing it in public.

Now I'm currently completing Saito's route. I'm about more than halfway through, and it's really enjoyable. I can see why a lot of people like him the best out of the main cast. Saito seems like the kind of guy I would date in real life.

After I've done this route, I might throw the walkthrough away and actually use my own skills to play the game. I don't know if I'm going to try to aim for any bad endings, unless there are some where you don't have to act like a bitch to any of the love interests.

I've been so invested in Hakuoki that I don't really play any of my mobile otome games that much anymore. I'm still grinding on Mystic Messenger to unlock Another Story and I always log into Ikemen Sengoku to get coins, but I deleted Midnight Cinderella because I wasn't really interested in it anymore, and it ran terribly on my really fast iPhone. Also, I wasn't really getting that interested in the love interest I chose. Rayvis was a bit too boring for me.

I'm thinking of getting a blue and white PS Vita before they stop making them so I can enjoy more otome games! Most of the good games can be purchased on the PC, but I don't think I would ever complete them if they were on my laptop. Handheld gaming is more accessible for me because I can play anywhere I want.

A gaming shop nearby sells a lot of otome games for the Vita, including a special edition of Code: Realise that I want to grab before anybody else does!

Anyway, that's all I have to say for today.

I hope that everybody reading this has a great weekend, and a good Halloween!

Thursday, 18 October 2018


For some reason, last week my blog got 87 views from Turkey. How strange... I'm not sure if it would've been a bot or not. Maybe somebody in Turkey with lots of friends shared my blog around? Most of these views were from a Linux computer, if that means anything.

I also got 16 views from Ukraine, too.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018


I feel like buying a video game that's all in Japanese so I can play it whilst learning vocabulary. It's going to be incredibly difficult but I might as well throw myself in the deep end and start off hard because otherwise it's impossible to give me the motivation to study the language using only the Internet.

Monday, 15 October 2018


I haven't exactly had time to set up my YouTube channel yet like I said in the last post. Hopefully it won't be another project I give up on.

My website has received over 24,000 views! I feel so proud of myself. According to the stats for my site on Neocities, the site is getting views pretty much everyday! I thought that maybe one or two people would visit my site a week, but I was wrong. It's a shame that this blog isn't getting the same attention though, because it's updated more often and it contains more of my personal thoughts.

I know I'm about to go completely off topic here, but the other day I walked into this shop and I found that they still had one Memory Stick Duo left from years ago. It wasn't at a discount or anything, but I still bought it because I had been looking for one for ages and I wasn't sure if I could trust the cheap Chinese ones you see on Amazon. Now I have 8GB to save my games.

So far I only have one game, and that game is Parappa the Rapper. Yesterday I ordered Hakuoki, because I was getting sick of playing free to play otome games. That should be coming next week. I've heard good things about it, so hopefully it's going to be good. There is a PS Vita version I saw in a shop yesterday but it's really expensive, and I don't have a Vita yet.

Speaking of free to play otome games, I've almost garnered enough hourglasses to unlock Another Story! Soon I'll finally be able to date Ray. He is my favourite out of all the possible love interests in Mystic Messenger, and I'm so excited to finally be able to be nice to him. In all of the other routes he's a villain and you're only allowed to act hostile to him which makes me sad.

Anyway, I'm typing this at school and it's almost lunchtime so I'd better finish this up. I'm only writing this in class because I've finished everything, so I'm not slacking off. I just don't want some other kid to look over my shoulder (I'm in a computer suite) and see that I'm writing embarrassing stuff about otome games.


Sunday, 7 October 2018

YouTube Channels...

I've tried to be a YouTube star before. But I had a phone with a terrible camera and Windows Movie Maker. This time I think I'm better prepared. I don't exactly have an expensive camera and fancy video editor, but I bet that this time, I can make decent videos that at least a couple of people can appreciate.

I'm doing it. I'm going to restart my failed YouTube career. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Falling Down the Otome Rabbit Hole

During a break from grinding for hourglasses on Mystic Messenger, I decided to go further down into the world of otome games. I had played a couple before but they were lame free to play mobile games and I deleted them before completing any of the routes.

All of the interesting otome games are for the PSP or the PS Vita, I've found. I have a PSP but it has no memory card, and I don't have a Vita. For Christmas I think I might persuade one of my relatives to purchase me a Memory Stick and a couple of otome games, but I have a couple of months to go yet.

So, after extensive research, I decided to download two free to play cash grab otome games. I know Mystic Messenger is free to play too, but it isn't difficult to get through the game if you don't pay any real money, except if you want to play Another Story. You'll be grinding for months if you want to unlock that.

Whilst playing and downloading the two games, I was thinking of this GIF:

To be honest, the games aren't that bad. The games I downloaded were Ikemen Sengoku and Midnight Cinderella. They both happen to be made by the same company.

The interface works exactly the same as another otome game I've played before, but after a bit of research I found out that it's because they all happen to use the same engine.

Ikemen Sengoku is my favourite out of the two, because it has the most interesting plot. It took me a while to pick which fictional boy I wanted to date, there were so many to choose from! After reading a few route previews I picked some blonde guy called Kenshin Uesugi because his route reminded me of Jumin's in Mystic Messenger and I really enjoyed that route. They are probably completely different from each other but the fact that the MC gets "locked up" in both of them makes me think that they are similar.

I think I am on Chapter 2 now and I am enjoying it. Luckily I haven't run out of those annoying chapter tickets yet. A guide I saw online told me to save them up but I am not very good at that, because I keep wanting to see what happens next in the game!

This game also has the thing where you have to dress up this ugly looking avatar to gain points to move on or something, but I haven't paid much attention to it yet because it's boring and I don't care about how pretty my avatar is. There is a PS Vita version where all of this F2P stuff is gone, but it's only in Japanese and my Japanese is sub-par beginner level, plus I would have to pay a lot of money to buy a Vita and to ship this game over from Japan.

Sometimes the MCs in these games act nothing like me and none of the choices you can pick are things I would do or say, but it's not really the game's fault. The MC in this game is a fashion designer who isn't afraid to stand up for herself which is cool, but it breaks the immersion for me because I am not a fashion designer and I am very much a shy pushover, but again, this is not the game's fault. Some people like the MC to have a personality but I tend to self insert myself into all of these games so I don't really care if the MC is fleshed out or not.

Midnight Cinderella is another good game. I had heard about it a few weeks ago and I was surprised to see that it had its own fanbase. I was considering downloading it back then, but when I heard it was F2P, it put me off playing it, until yesterday when I saw a lot of people praising it. Picking a route to play in this game was slightly hard, but not as hard as Ikemen Sengoku. I picked some guy called Rayvis (I forgot his last name, sorry!) and he's pretty cool. It seems like both of the men I have picked in these games take a while to open up to the MC. At least the romance has to develop over time. Sometimes the romance in these games comes way too quickly, especially in Mystic Messenger. (Why do I keep comparing every game to MM?)

I like fantasy fairy tales so the story in this game also interested me. Still, I think it's a bit stupid that they just pick some random girl to be a princess every few years or so, but I suppose they needed a reason for the MC to become royalty and meet a bunch of hot anime boys.

The UI in Midnight Cinderella can be quite annoying for me. Sometimes it feels a lot less responsive than the other apps on that phone. Ikemen Sengoku has the same UI but it seems to respond better. I don't know, maybe I'm just nitpicking here.

My first impressions of these games seem pretty good, don't they? Hopefully I won't waste all of my in-game currency and chapter tickets so I can actually complete a route. I think I'm starting to like otome games a lot more now. To be quite honest, I don't actually play them for the plot, I just really like "dating" anime boys. I know it's sad.

But anyway, that's all for now. This is a rather long post, isn't it?


P.S. I don't edit these posts at all because I don't consider this a serious professional blog.

Monday, 17 September 2018


A couple of years ago, I attempted to learn Chinese. I purchased textbooks and everything. My reading comprehension became rather good for a beginner, but then I forgot about learning and gave up. I think it was because I didn't have the motivation, and because I didn't have a teacher. If I am forced to teach myself it allows me to freely procrastinate, but when I have a proper teacher, I never procrastinate and I will always have someone encouraging me to learn.

Recently I decided to make an effort at learning Japanese, because I already knew a bit of it before. I managed to learn Hiragana in about a day, and I think I should start doing some Katakana soon. Even though I don't have a fancy textbook or teacher, I am still managing to make a bit of progress by using online resources. But I'm scared that this is just a short phase, and that in one week I will have forgotten about this again...

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Blog Stats

I was looking at the stats for my blog and they weren't that special, until I found something that interested me. Somebody from Russia found my blog from a Yandex search. It might have been a bot or something, but I still find it pretty cool.

Hello, random person from Russia, if you're reading this.

Monday, 27 August 2018


I'm currently replaying 707's route. It's amazing how much about the plot I have forgotten. This route is still my favourite. I forgot that I had to replay the prologue to get more hourglasses when I did Zen's route, so I made sure to go through it this time, using the max speed because I couldn't be bothered to read it all.

I wish 707's "maid" Vanderwood had his own route, because he's really attractive. But he really has nothing to do with the RFA so I have no idea how Cheritz would be able to shoehorn him into the main story.

Anyway, that's all I have to say. I should now use this opportunity to advertise my lonely Discord server.

I don't like Discord but it feels good owning a server.


Saturday, 25 August 2018

A Post Made Out of Boredom.

I'm really bored right now, so I might as well write a post on my blog. Today I played a lot of Cities: Skylines, and I managed to make a city without unlimited funds that's actually successful! There's even a football stadium in it, except the local team lost their first game.

I play the Xbox One version of the game, but if my PC had a better graphics card, I would totally get the Windows version, since you can get mods and stuff. The console version has mods but all they are is extra buildings.

I like naming all of my important buildings and metro stations. Each one of my metro lines has it's own name, like the London Underground does. I wish the game let you see inside the metro stations, that would be really awesome.

For some reason, I have had a craving for 2000s rap music. I don't know why, because normally I listen to dance music. It's probably because when I was younger, there was a lot of rap music on the radio. Last year I also listened to a couple of metal bands, too. I can listen to at least some songs from most genres of music, except country. Country is awful.

I was thinking of including a music page on my website for songs I like, probably because somebody else on my Neocities feed did the exact same thing. I don't want to look like I am copying them. Back when I was in primary school there was this girl who shamelessly copied all of my work and it was really annoying.

This is the end of the post. Sorry, I still have no idea how to conclude things!


The Sims

I recently started playing the first Sims game from 2000. The only other game in the series that I had played was the Sims Freeplay which would've been an excellent game if it wasn't a big cashgrab.

The Sims may not be very advanced for 2018, but it is still incredibly entertaining. I thought I would get bored with it very quickly, but I can play it nonstop for hours!!

This is just a quick little update. I am going to use this space to advertise my Twitter account, @strangepigeon6.


Sunday, 19 August 2018

I Finished Zen's Route...

Today I completed Zen's route in Mystic Messenger. I thought I would enjoy him since from the beginning he is always very romantic to the player, and he is kind of attractive. But he was so cheesy during his route, and he wanted to date me only a few days in!

When Saeran came to kidnap me halfway through I was happy, but there was no option for the player to actually want to be taken to "paradise", you just had to act like an annoying damsel in distress.

Saeran seemed incredibly attractive in this bit, too bad I haven't unlocked his route yet!

                (I think these are the first images I have ever uploaded here to be used in a blog post.)

The only good thing about Zen's route for me is that you get loads of hourglasses for some reason. At the end during the party Zen decided to make the player go up on stage with him and announce him as his girlfriend, which made me cringe because in real life I would be dying of embarrassment.

Now I am just going to play the Deep Route again. I'm probably going to try and aim for Jumin's bad ending where he keeps you in a cage like a pet. I don't know why I want to get that route. It seems better than the other bad endings.

I'm sure I'll have enough hourglasses to play Saeran's route eventually. I don't know if I want to romance V, though. He just sounds like a whiny loser to me. I'll probably end up playing him eventually. I hope I don't end up being a replacement for Rika like I almost was with Yoosung.

My first route ever was Yoosung's, when I was trying to get Zen. Yoosung's nice and all that, but I wouldn't want to date him. He would just be nice as a friend. It didn't help that I thought he was a girl initially, either.

My second route ended up being Jaehee's, even though I tried so hard for Zen. Sometimes when you compliment Zen it gives you a heart for Jaehee instead, which can be frustrating. Jaehee's route was cool. I do like her as a character, although when I finally got Zen's route, she was being very annoying.

I have played some of the after endings in the game. After playing 707's route, I unlocked one of the secret endings. It cost 10 hourglasses per chapter! I managed to unlock all but one of them, because I eventually ran out of hourglasses to play any further. It's quite interesting. There are some very cute moments between Seven and the player in it.

This post turned into half of a review of Mystic Messenger. I should stop rambling on about this game and think of posting something different for once.


Sorry for the abrupt end to this post.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

The Video Game Relationship Problems Post

I finally managed to get onto Zen's route on Mystic Messenger. When I first started playing the game, I thought he was one of the best possible love interests, but now I'm not so sure.

Zen is a nice guy and all that, and I never really cared about how he was a bit narcissistic, but now I'm finding him slightly annoying. Maybe it's because he's so overly romantic, even though he only met me around six days ago. I'm just finding this route kind of cheesy. I have no idea why.

I'm also getting a bit fed up with my Stardew Valley husband, Sebastian. One of the reasons I got married was to have an extra person to help me out on the farm. I thought that I had read somewhere that your in-game spouse would always feed the animals and water the plants, but Sebastian hardly does any of that! When he does feed the animals, I check up on them and there is no food and they are "looking thin"! And he hardly ever waters the plants. I would divorce him but I only have around 10,000g right now. I should have married Elliott or Shane. The reason I chose Sebastian was because he looked a bit like a Japanese light novel character I used to have a crush on.

But I was talking about Mystic Messenger, wasn't I? The only reason I downloaded it again was to see if I could gather 550 hourglasses for Saeran's route without spending real money. Now I'm in love with the game again like I was last year. And I've just been reading a load of things about the "Reset Theory", which is very interesting to me.

I have no idea how to conclude this blog post, so GOODBYE!

EDIT: I just changed the colours of the blog's theme. Hopefully my blog won't look like an eyesore to my lovely readers.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Oh No...

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that last year I was playing this game called Mystic Messenger. Before Christmas started in 2017, I deleted that app. I enjoyed the game quite a bit, but it was annoying having to keep track of each chat room, trying not to miss them all.

Whilst browsing the Internet yesterday, I came across some images related to the app. And then I realised how I never got to do Zen's route. But the route I wanted to play the most was Ray's, but the only problem was that it cost over five-hundred hour glasses to unlock. The easiest thing to do would be to use real money to purchase the sufficient funds to play, but I'm never going to do that!

So I'm going to download the app again and start Zen's route and keep playing all the other routes again to get the hour glasses. I did have quite a few of them until I spent them all on the after endings and the "secret" endings. At least it's the summer, so I'm able to catch almost every chat room. 

I wish I didn't end up going down the Mystic Messenger rabbit hole again. But I won't be resting until I have enough hour glasses to unlock the route of my favourite character! I saw some screenshots of it online and it looks so romantic, I am very excited.

That's I have to say for now. Farewell.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018


Boredom has hit me again............................

I was excited last week for Infinity War to come out on Blu-Ray last Friday but then I realised it wasn't coming out yet. Then I thought it was coming out this Friday but it isn't... It's coming out next week. :(

Monday, 30 July 2018

Infinity War (Spoilers!!!)

In a previous post, I said that I might discuss the plot of Infinity War once the film is a few months old, so people who haven't seen it don't run into spoilers. The Blu-Ray is releasing in a few days, and I'm planning on buying the 4K disc, even though I've seen it in the cinema three times now, once in 3D, again in IMAX 3D, and then in regular 2D.

When I watched for the third time I expected the cinema to be less packed, but no, the screening was almost full! It was great every single time I saw it, but nothing will compare to when I saw it for the first time. My hands were constantly clenched together, and I would brought them to my mouth in shock many times.

First of all, I did not expect Loki (Who I have a massive crush on, like every other girl my age) to die so quickly. I didn't cry, though. In some interview somewhere I heard that he was going to be with Thanos for about half of the film, but that was obviously said to throw some fans off.

I know some people online said that his death sucked, and that it was weird that he tried to kill Thanos with a couple of daggers when he knows all of these fancy magic tricks. That is true, but I didn't really think that at all. There have been petitions going around the Internet to get Marvel to bring him back, but I think it would be a bit cheap if they did that.

When half of the universe died because of the snap, it didn't make me cry either. When Bucky went the guy next to me farted, so I was busy trying not to laugh. (I know, I am very immature.) We all know everybody who got dusted is coming back anyway.

Loads of people hate Star-Lord now too, for getting angry at Thanos for messing everything up. But I thought it was very in character. If everything had gone according to plan and they had defeated Thanos, there wouldn't be a second part of the film planned.

Before IW, Doctor Strange wasn't one of my favourite characters. Now, I think he's awesome. He was really cool in Infinity War. Every character was, really. People have also said that the CGI looks really off when Bruce Banner is in the Hulkbuster. I keep trying to notice that part, but I cannot find it anywhere. Maybe I'm immune to bad CGI.

I have more thoughts about the film, but I can't remember them right now since the last time I saw the film was weeks ago. They may come back once I watch it again, though. Infinity War is currently my favourite film, but it may be dethroned when Avengers 4 comes out.

I saw Ant-Man and the Wasp the day before it came out, and that was really good too! But for the sake of spoilers, I won't say too much about it here. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it.

And that's all I have to say today.



Thursday, 19 July 2018

Virtual Reality

Today I purchased a cheap virtual reality headset (without a Bluetooth remote) because I had never experienced it before. The closest thing to VR I have done is trying out the Microsoft HoloLens.

VR was alright, but my iPhone SE's screen is too small, so I see black borders around everything, which really breaks the immersion. Also, I wish I had spent a bit more money to get the headset with the Bluetooth remote, because for some reason my headset is missing an "action button".

My eyes feel all funny now. Tomorrow I will try VR with a much bigger Galaxy S6 phone.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Happy Birthday Misty's World!

This post was written a few days in advance, because Misty is busy today.

Today is the official one year anniversary of the day I moved Misty's World to Neocities! It's not the day the site was created, but I'm just going to treat it as the actual birthday because Neocities was where it got people viewing it and where the site got its own identity.

Misty's World is the most successful thing that I have ever put onto the World Wide Web, gaining over 18,000 views! Most of those were probably from me though. Thank you to everybody who has ever viewed the site or written in the guestbook. I really appreciate all of the support people have given me.

If I hadn't been told about Neocities by a person called Nintel, my site would have stayed on Geocities Japan, unable to get views. It probably would have become abandoned after a while too.

Happy First Birthday, Misty's World. I'm sorry I haven't been paying much attention to you lately.

Friday, 29 June 2018

The Now Now

The new Gorillaz album came out today. I listened to it on Spotify whilst I was web browsing, but I wasn't paying attention that much. It's pretty good though. To really listen to it I need to have it on whilst walking or something so nothing else is distracting me.

Every time I listen to a song for the first time, I usually forget how it sounds. The only songs I remember from the Now Now are the singles that I listened to before the entire album came out.

Hopefully I can snag a copy of this on CD so I can put it onto my iPod Nano so I can listen to it properly. Yes, I still buy CDs, and yes, I still use an iPod. iPods are cool and so are CDs. They aren't really that outdated.

I'm glad that there is more lore in Phase 5 of Gorillaz than there was in the last phase. The music is meant to be the main part, but I've always been fascinated with the characters. Hopefully more interesting animated music videos will be coming out soon to satisfy me.

Also, I created a forum because I was bored. Come and check it out here.

Goodbye for now!

Wednesday, 27 June 2018


I was surfing the web today and I found this weird Gorillaz self-insert fan fiction that was kinda bad, but it was really addicting. It was written years ago, so the person who wrote it must be quite a bit older now. Then I found more outdated social media accounts for this person, and I spent a long time reading them.

Somebody in the future is probably going to discover all of my awful online content and cringe at it in the same way I cringed at this person I found today. I would link to the website where I found this person's work, but I don't really want anybody to tell me off for criticising the work of an innocent teenager.

Some of the stuff that I found was awful. The self insert character has literally all of the edgy tropes that OCs do, and even though she was fifteen, she still gets to date a guy in the story who's in his twenties. Then she gets pregnant from him. She's also a vampire who ran away from her parents who she thinks to have died in 9/11. There was also art work she made to go along with her stories.

Well, I guess everybody makes some cringeworthy stuff when they are a teenager. This blog is an example of that. I also wrote some pretty edgy shit on Wattpad that I immediately regretted once. Luckily it's all gone now. Another example of something cringe-inducing I wrote is probably that Mystic Messenger post I wrote on this blog a while ago. Scroll down further to read it.

I like to preserve things that I've made, but I'm sure I will be too embarrassed to look at most of my content in the future.

Anyway, that's all I have to write for now. Goodbye.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018


I haven't written on here in a long time, have I?

My old Windows XP netbook from 2010 is running at a snail's pace, so I think I'm going to install Windows 7 on it to see how well it does. Hopefully 1GB of RAM is enough. I was just doing operating system research when I decided to come onto Blogger to see how things are doing.

See you later.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

The One Year Anniversary of Misty's World

On June 9th, 2018, it will have been a year since I moved Misty's World to Neocities. The original site was created in January 2017, but it was radically different to what it is today. It wasn't until the Neocities era that my site actually became something special.

I'm just going to treat the Neocities migration date as the official anniversary. When the day actually comes, I'll be on holiday, so I'll probably forget about it. Oh well. I'm just glad I didn't give up on the site a month in.

I wanted to practice my HTML skills and make some cool website, but I can't think of anything to make.

Do you think auto-correct messes up people's spelling? I do. That's why I turn it off. 

Friday, 27 April 2018

I Watched Infinity War!

I just want to say that Avengers: Infinity War is an amazing film. I saw it last night, it was a special "fan event" that my cinema was hosting and we got free popcorn and a collectible coin. I'm too afraid to open the coin's packaging because it might be a rare collectible item in the future. Also, before the film they showed clips of the actors talking about their characters and stuff.

After the film has been out for ages, I might talk about the main plot details and stuff on this blog. I'm probably going to see the film again, maybe in IMAX. To be honest, the film was better than the original 1991 comic. It has many emotional moments in it, but I didn't cry at all.

I'm trying so hard not to give away spoilers here.

My rating for Infinity War would be 10/10. Go and see it before it's too late.


Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Today I was playing Lego Marvel Superheroes on my Xbox. I was on the second last level, about to defeat the boss. I walked over to a checkpoint and saved, accidentally clicking on "Save and Exit". I went back to the main menu and tried to open up my save file again. It wasn't there.

After restarting the game, I went back to play it again and my save was there. It said that I was 7.5% into the game, which was weird, I thought, opening it anyway. When I went onto the game it started me off at a different spot than where I was. At first I thought it reminded me of some previous level, but then I thought that after the point I was at it might just take the player to this part, and that this was all normal.

Two minutes later I realised that I was far back into the game. Resetting the game many times didn't get my progress back. I think that's because when you open the save file, it auto-saves, overwriting everything and making it unable to get my proper save back.

Now I have to replay everything again. It put me back really far. It's weird because the date on the file was today's date, but the time was listed as 21:00, when the time at that moment was 17:00. I think that was the time when I saved it at that point ages ago.

It's such a shame I spent so much time on it, only to get my progress partly wiped. At least I get to keep the Xbox Live achievements. Oh well. At least I get to watch Infinity War on Thursday...

Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Site updates have been slow lately. Sometimes I want to do other things than HTML coding. I'm also just too lazy to come up with new page ideas. These are very lame excuses, I know.

There's only a bit more than a week left until I see Infinity War in my local cinema on April 26th. The film does come out on April 27th, but I'm seeing a special pre-showing where you get popcorn discounts and some free collectible coin. It's in 3D, so hopefully they'll actually add some crazy effects, but they probably won't. I would see it in IMAX if I could see it again, because it is the first Hollywood film to be shot entirely in IMAX cameras.

That's all I have to say for now. I know this is an abrupt conclusion, but I have to go and do something. Bye.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Fake Facebook Accounts

I'm not hungry for Internet fame or anything, but I can't help noticing that this blog has a very small view count. It's weird, because my main website gets a considerable amount of views each time, and there is a button on it that links to this place. I guess not many people clicked on it.

On Blogger you kind of feel isolated from the other users. There is a way to find other blogs, but it's not very easy to access. On Neocities, however, there are a bunch of social features that allow more people to become aware of your webpage. If Blogger had more "social features", maybe it would be easier for one to get more blog hits.

I know Blogger has Google Plus integration, but who even cares about that site? Sometimes I like to go on there to see what things people are posting. To be honest, I prefer Facebook, even though they steal your data.

Actually, I have a confession to make about Facebook. I like making fake accounts (Not with real people pictures, of course, just random anime pictures and stuff!) and making them all chat with each other and post random things about where they went. They don't really post any images that often. The other day I made one of them go on holiday. Most of the time I forget about them, so I just make up that they never use FB that often.

Nobody else really sees these accounts except me, but then suddenly lots of people from places like Thailand and India want to be friends with "Carla Smith", one of my four accounts. Then a lot of fake accounts with bikini-clad women want to befriend her too. I just accepted all of those friend requests, but they never like any of her posts. It's probably because they have about 400 other friends, so their feeds are probably cluttered with their posts.

I know it's a big waste of time to mess around on Facebook like this, but I find it fun sometimes. It just shows how easy it is to lie on the Internet. I actually made a Blogger blog for one of my fake accounts, but I forgot about it a couple of days later. It now lies abandoned.

If anybody who works for Facebook is reading this, they're probably going to search for Carla Smith, and try and take down her account. One of my accounts got taken down before, even though I made it seem pretty believable. For some reason FB don't like it if you use a fake name on there. I don't even use my full name or my real Email address, because I was told that employers like to search you up. I really don't want future bosses looking at all of my awful photos and weird video game related posts.

Wow, this post is very long. I don't know how to conclude it now. I'm very bad at conclusions. 

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this, and that you have a nice day.

(If you see me place a comma before the word "and", thinking it is incorrect grammar, it actually isn't. It's called the Oxford Comma. Look it up if you're interested.)

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Windows, Being Annoying, AGAIN.

Today I got the self titled Gorillaz album in the post. It comes with an EXE file that allows you to "Access the nether regions of".

After waiting for iTunes to rip the songs onto my PC,  I open the file. Sounds play,  and text pops up on the screen, saying "You now have the key to Murdoc's Winnebago. " I was excited.

Then immediately after the text shows up,  the screen flashes, and then I realise that my computer is restarting so it can update.  Stupid Windows 10. It seems like it needs an update every time I use my PC.  Now I have to wait forever for it to install everything,  and then I have to use a painfully slow computer afterwards. Windows is always slow after an update.

I wish I could disable those stupid updates. I did know that a restart was coming,  but I accidentally closed the warning message too quickly,  then forgot about it.

At least I have a billion other things to entertain myself with.


I'm writing this from the incredibly outdated looking Blogger app for Android.  Do Google even care about their blogging platform?

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

I Need to Think of More Creative Titles For These...

Sometimes I like to mess around on Google Earth and use Street View to view places I haven't visited in years. It's quite fun. It's very nostalgic at times.

I look back on the past too much, when I should be focusing on the present instead. If I keep listening to music that makes me feel nostalgic, eventually the nostalgia will just be gone and it won't feel special anymore.

I don't know what I was trying to write here.

Have you noticed that there are so many blog posts on here where the titles are either "Hello" or "Hi"?

Tuesday, 27 March 2018


I feel good today.

I made some chocolate Shredded Wheat Mini Egg nests, they turned out pretty good. The chocolate went all lumpy when I melted it, I fixed it with some hot water and a bit of Bournville cocoa. Also, I made biscuits. They were plain flavoured, and they went all crumbly. You can't even dip them in your tea without them breaking. It doesn't matter though, because they taste good. They melt in your mouth, like almond cookies.

Where I live, it's snowing again. Snow used to be a novelty for me, until I moved to a new country where they get loads of snow. I quickly got tired of it. It's supposed to be spring, and Easter's coming up soon. Why can't it be nice and warm. Even rain would be better than this.

Well, this is probably the first post I have ever made about real life. That's cool. Maybe I should change the colours of this blog. I'm a bit bored of green.

Anyway, that's all from me for now. I hope everyone of you reading this had a nice day, where ever you are on this planet.

Goodbye! :)

EDIT: I did change the theme of this blog. Hopefully you like it. I have one of those rain simulators on in the background, it inspired me to change it. I'm not depressed or anything, I just think rain is cool. If you are new and you want to see the old theme, go onto the Wayback Machine and type into the big white bar "". I may even change the music from DARE to something else, too. How about On Melancholy Hill?

Monday, 26 March 2018


This is another one of those boring "Sorry I haven't updated this blog in forever, even though I had loads of free time this week" posts. I apologise for the lack of fresh content on this blog. I did never intend for this thing to get regular updates. It just exists for me to write random stuff whenever I feel like it.

If you want fresh new content, check out my website. Tomorrow I am going to be working on a new page for Misty's World.

To be honest, I never actually edit anything I put on there. I just give it a quick glance over, then I upload it. I'm just really lazy that way.

Hopefully you are having a good week, whoever's reading this. I'm excited for this weekend because it's Easter and I get to eat a lot of chocolate.

Goodbye! ;)

Sunday, 11 March 2018

I Wrote A Wikipedia Article

There was this online game I used to play that shut down back in 2011. It did have a Wikipedia page, but there was no info on it. Today I changed that.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW WHAT I WROTE. The writing probably sucks and has loads of mistakes, but who cares. I contributed to an Encyclopedia!

Sunday, 4 February 2018

One Vote

You know that little poll thing I put on the sidebar of this blog? It has a whopping one vote on it! WOOHOO!

In other news, I put this fancy little Google Search bar at the bottom of the homepage of Misty's World, which allows you to search all of my main sites, including this blog! Cool, right?

I hooked my laptop up to this mini television that I usually use for my Raspberry Pi. I feel so cool using two monitors! 

Saturday, 27 January 2018


Is this blog dead now? I think this blog's dead now.

Misty's World is slowly dying, too.

Thursday, 4 January 2018


Someone kindly gifted me a Raspberry Pi, but I don't know what cool project I should make with it. I don't think my HTML skills would be useful for doing something with it. Right now it's just a desktop computer sitting on my desk.

I had an idea where I could make a portable MP3 player out of it, but that sounds too complicated for me.