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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Ikemen Revoltuion Review/Recap No. 5

Hello everybody, and welcome back to another post where I gradually go through an Ikemen Revolution route! This time I'm super happy because I managed to have enough magic crystals for another premium story, plus, I actually got something good in the card gacha!

The card I got is a special one of Jonah. It doesn't really have original artwork, but it does have a modified version of his original sprite wearing some fancy suit. It also comes with voice acting, so I don't have to listen to the same old ones I had before. After a while it gets a bit annoying hearing the same lines spoken all the time. This card does have a few of the old lines, as well as some brand new, super romantic ones too. I also got a trading stamp from the gacha, but to be able to get a card from it, I need a total of nineteen more!

Here's what the card looks like on my home screen:

It's rather nice, isn't it? I hope I don't get addicted to the gacha after this...

So, let's get back to the story!

Alice and Jonah have just met up in the rain, hours after their original date was scheduled. If you read the last post or have played the route, you'll remember that there was a CG in this bit. They have a bit more conversation, and Jonah basically says that everything's alright because Alice is smiling. The romance is really beginning to form now! It should be, because we're already almost halfway through the story.

The future couple get out of the rain and then both go their separate ways. When Alice returns to the Black Army's HQ, they're all worried sick about her, scared that she'll get a fever. So she gets sent to bed, even though she's not even feeling that ill.

Ray then acts like a bit of a twat and uses Alice's "illness" to his army's advantage. He tells her to stay in bed and feign sickness. Then he sends a very angry letter to the Red Army, telling them that it's Jonah's fault Alice is ill, so he wants him to come over and apologise. He does this because he wants to chat to one of the Red Army's officers to find out the true reason as to why they're all at war. The main reason they're fighting is that Lancelot thinks the Black Army killed his father, but Ray thinks that there's some hidden reason instead. I know he has good reasons for pretending that Alice is ill, but I dunno, I still think it's a bit of a twatty move. He didn't even give Alice a choice on whether she wanted to lie or not.

Ray's sprite looks so grumpy here...

So Alice lies in her bed pretending to be ill, and we get an Avatar Challenge. I'm so chuffed that I had enough Magic Crystals to buy the premium story. Now I feel like a VIP with my premium hairstyle and more romantic content. It even inspired me to whip out Photoshop to create this lame meme:

I know the font's off, but I wasn't creating this to get Internet meme fame or whatever it is you get when your meme gets popular. I think that I probably should've just changed the text to just "When you buy premium content in an otome game" instead of what's there now. You can take my meme for your site/social media if you want, I don't need it. Please just credit me though...

So, how is the premium story? It's actually pretty good. Not worth real money, but still good nonetheless.

In the story, Alice lies in bed doing absolutely nothing, until she hears Jonah burst into the room. He believes that she's actually ill, so he got worried about her. So worried that he just turned up at the Black Army's headquarters and ran in without an escort or guard or nothing!

Jonah sees that Alice has gotten up and tells her to lie back down, because she's ill of course! But then our heroine quickly tells him that there's actually nothing wrong with her at all, and that she was lying. But she doesn't bother to add that she was told to lie by somebody else, so Jonah thinks that it's all her fault, and he's not happy. He decides to punish her for her dishonesty.

I dunno why, but I get excited whenever a love interest talks about punishing the MC. Maybe I need help...

If I remember correctly, Jonah pins Alice down on the bed and kisses her ear... This bit is actually quite steamy! I bet the normal story just had Jonah telling her off and maybe a tiny bit of slight romantic language, but not this stuff!

Look at the language used in that screenshot... I didn't actually expect IkeRev to have scenes like this.

But then the premium story ends, and Seth comes running into the room. He tries to protect Alice from Jonah, because he thinks that he's trying it on with our heroine. I do love Seth. He can be quite caring and adorable towards our MC. I think he's a bit like this game's version of Mitsunari, except a bit more aggressive. Well, Seth's not really aggressive, that's just the only way I could really describe it.

After the little episode in the bedroom, Jonah and Alice are called to Ray's office, where him and all of the other Black Army dudes are sitting. It's time for some serious chatting to be done.

Ray tells Jonah that he lied to get him over her so that they could chat. This obviously annoys Jonah, but he agrees to have a talk with the Black Army for Alice's sake. Things don't exactly go down that well...

Ray asks Jonah if there's any other reason why Lancelot is starting this war, but apparently there isn't, because if there was, the Red Army would know about it. They have a little argument, but there's not really that much I remember from this that's worth noting down. We do learn one interesting thing though: Sirius and Lancelot were once schoolmates. I suppose that if I want to find out more, I'll have to read one of their routes, or I could just read up spoilers online!

This whole confrontation ends with Jonah running off in a huff. Alice goes out to chase him down so that she can see him off. When she catches up with him, he tells her that she should "cut all ties with that insolent bunch", but Alice can't, because they're basically like her family now. It sort of feels to me like the Black Army boys are all her brothers. I want one of them to have a crush on her though, so we can have some of that lovely unrequited love that you get in Ikemen Sengoku.

Stuff gets really dramatic when they find Luka in the hallway. Jonah's all happy to see him, but he basically just tells his older brother to piss off. I wonder what the tragic backstory behind all this is? Jonah says that the Black Army is a bad influence on Luka, and that he should come home to the Red territory right away. If he does, they can smooth everything out with their parents again. Hmmm.... Did Luka have a fight with their mum and dad?  I can just imagine Luka really angry and saying something like "It's not just a phase, mum! This is who I really am!" Oh dear, now I want to make another meme for this...

I feel like Luka had a fight with his family because his views changed and he didn't support the Red Army or something. Or maybe he just became an emo and dyed his hair, but his parents didn't like it. If they're from a posh family, it sounds like the parents probably wouldn't like it if their son went all edgy like that. I'm sure that we'll find out the reason behind this eventually...

In the end, Luka just buggers off to his room or something. I sort of want to play his route now to see his side of things. It's a shame though, because Jonah seems to really care about his little brother, but none of his love is reciprocated. Maybe I'd understand Luka's anger if I just play his route. It just came out in English very recently, I believe.

Alice just sits at the back and watches all of this unfold. It must've been really awkward for her. I know that whenever I'm next to two siblings or a couple fighting, I feel very uncomfortable. At least she didn't but in and tell everybody to get along, because that would just make me feel embarrassed for her!

Jonah's a bit annoyed, but he brushes it off. Then he leaves, and I run out of chapter tickets.

I'm quite intrigued to learn more about Jonah and Luka's relationship. I feel like I've been more interested in stuff like this since I played Mystic Messenger with Seven and Saeran. I don't have any siblings myself, so maybe that's why I'm curious about this.

That premium story was great though. If you're playing this route one day, I would totally recommend getting it if you have enough Magic Crystals. Ever since I got the premium hairstyle with it, I've been winning more Destiny Duels. I didn't even know you could lose them, to be honest. I thought that they always made it a guaranteed win to make you feel better.

This concludes my Ikemen Revolution post for today! I hope you all enjoyed it. I wonder if people will read these posts in order and use it as a proper route recap? I don't think they're detailed enough for that though...

I'll see you all in the next post, then! Have a nice day!  


UPDATE: I'm sorry, I had to make this meme. I feel like a horrible person for making this, but I felt like I had to make it. I know it looks pretty bad, but oh well.

I'm glad I installed Photoshop now.

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