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Monday, 2 September 2019

Ikemen Revolution Review/Recap No. 4

Hello everybody, and welcome to another post on Ikemen Revolution. It's been a few days since I've last written anything, so my memory of the plot isn't going to be as good. Luckily I've taken lots of screenshots to help me remember everything!

I think I'm almost halfway through Jonah's route now. I predict that I'll be done by the end of the month, if the avatar challenges don't take me too long.

So, what has happened in the route since the last post? Read below to find out!

Alice hangs out somewhere inside the Black Army's HQ and has a little chat with Sirius. They talk about Cradle's two different armies and some other stuff. Apparently the Red Army has the advantage because they purchase these crystally things that allow them to use magic. The Black Army's only protection from this stuff is Alice, because she can somehow stop magic. But if Jonah captures her heart and converts her to his side, then the Black Army will no longer have her protection, so they'll just get destroyed by magic.

I can't wait to see the Black Army's reaction once Alice does fall in love with Jonah. I'm sure she'll manage to find a way to protect them though.

After this conversation, I think Alice gets some visitors calling for her. It happens to be the White Rabbit and Oliver.

The Rabbit, who I forget is called Blanc in this game, has noticed that our heroine has been going out on dates with the Queen of Hearts. He's jealous because he wanted to date Alice first. I'm not sure if he's being serious here or not.

Oliver just acts like a big tsundere because Alice treats him like a child. He even flicks her on the head. I don't really understand him. One minute he looks like a little boy, but then he turns into an adult in the next scene. There's probably an explanation for this somewhere.

Then Oliver and Blanc leave Alice and go to the pub. They meet up with this bloke from the Red Army whose name I can't remember. Blanc's been getting this man to update him on how Jonah and Alice are doing or something, because he feels guilty that our heroine is stuck in this world. Oliver turns into an adult and moans about how Cradle's future rests on Alice's shoulders, while drinking liquor or something.

I don't think Oliver has a route or anything, but that makes sense because he's not really that much of a bishounen. It would be awkward dating someone who turns into a child!

The game then focuses on Alice and her next date with Jonah. She decides to take him to the "hottest dessert shop in all of Cradle". They order pancakes with ice cream and some dessert called Mille-Feuille. I had to look that last one up. I'd heard of it, but forgotten what it had looked like. It looks pretty, but it's probably one of those sweets that tastes good on the first bite, but then makes you feel absolutely sick afterwards. 

I don't have a very high tolerance for fancy desserts. I can eat cakes and chocolate fine at home, but in restaurants they're always loaded with sugar and I can never finish them. When I went to France I ate lunch in the Palace of Versailles, and the sweets in there were so rich. I had a hot chocolate and it came with a whole tub of cream! It was good, but it was so sickly that I couldn't handle it after a few sips. The waiter also came out with a whole tray of fancy sweets to choose from, I never had any but I probably would've been sick if I had. When I went to America once I tried this Oreo hot chocolate in Dunkin Donuts and it was absolutely rank, it tasted like liquid sugar! I'm getting a bit off-topic here, aren't I?

Alice's decision to go to this sweet shop worked out well for her. Jonah seemed to enjoy the food, but he obviously wouldn't let it show.

During the date, Jonah tells us a little bit about his brother, Luka. Apparently, they used to be really close, until Luka went all edgy and joined the Black Army. It looks like he probably dyed his hair too.

When Alice arrives back home, she goes up to Luka and tells him that she never knew that he was Jonah's brother. She doesn't bother being nosy and asking about their backstory though. Luka is annoyed and tells Alice never to talk about his brother in front of him again. She apologises, but he tells her that it's alright and then walks off. He also says that she's a good person and that she doesn't need to apologise to him.

Jonah decides to take Alice out sightseeing for their next date, so he hands her a map to a lake somewhere. The plan is for them to have a nice romantic picnic there. Alice doesn't seem to be dreading these dates now. She's warmed up to Jonah quite a bit these past few days.

Alice follows the map, but on the way she finds a crying little boy who can't find his brother. Being the heroine that she is, she of course tries to help him. Hours pass until Alice finally reunites the poor child with his sibling. But she had no way of contacting Jonah to tell her that she'd be late.

It begins to rain, and Alice rushes to the meeting place, expecting her date to still be there hours later. Surprisingly, he actually is, but he's soaking wet and very annoyed. Jonah must be very dedicated to our heroine if he's willing to wait out in the rain for hours like that. Most people would've just given up after an hour.

An unexpected CG popped up at this moment, a very pretty CG...

Jonah demands an explanation from Alice, and she tells him all about what happened. Then she bows and apologises, but Jonah tells her that she doesn't have to do any of that, because she was doing something noble by helping that boy.

Jonah doesn't believe in apologies, because words can never fix what is broken.

It's still raining, so the only way for the couple to get warmth is to hold hands. So they run all the way through town, well at least I think they did. My chapter tickets ran out before I could see what happened next.

I'm happy that we managed to get a CG here. Cute scenes like this one in the rain are always better with an image alongside them. I wonder if the game would let me remove the eyes from the MC like Ikemen Sengoku does? I know a lot of people dislike eyeless heroines, but that just makes me enjoy them even more. It does look funny seeing a character staring lovingly at this faceless monster girl. 

I predict that it won't be very long until Alice falls for Jonah. Soon we'll be getting to some real romantic stuff!

This concludes my post for today. Sorry if it wasn't as good as my usual ones. I wrote this one in bits over a whole day instead of doing it all in one go. Thank you very much for reading. Tomorrow, I'll write an Ikemen Vampire post again, because I finally have enough gold to beat the avatar challenge!

See you all later! :)

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