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Friday, 6 September 2019

Ikemen Revolution Review/Recap No. 6 (With a bit of Ikemen Vampire thrown in too...)

Wow, today I achieved a lot in the world of Ikemen games. I finished Ieyasu's route, got a really nice gacha card in Ikemen Vampire, played a bit of the new event in said game, and read some very strange stuff in Ikemen Revolution.

So yes, let's get on with my next IkeRev post!

 I don't have as much plot stuff to write about here, it's just that there's a few things I want to write about before I forget. But before I start, I'll show you this new gacha card I got in IkeVamp! It was so worth the 300 free diamonds I spent on getting it!

Isn't it so beautiful? Now I get some new voice lines to listen to when I log on, instead of hearing my old Jean card say "AH. OMAE KA." for the billionth time. Jean has a nice voice, but when I hear the same lines over and over again, I get a bit bored of them.

Oh yeah, Cybird also brought the IkeSen touching event to IkeVamp, and this time it's actually not laggy! I got to poke Dazai for a bit, it was actually quite fun. Last time I did this with Mitsunari, I just repeatedly pressed the screen like a child and got no enjoyment out of it whatsoever.

This was certainly better than the "Discipline Between the Sheets" event, which had no disciplining in whatsoever, nor any sheets. Well, it probably would've done if I had gotten the premium ending.

Cybird games have been running really slowly for me lately, especially in the early mornings. IkeVamp used to be the one that ran faster, but even that's having problems too! I feel like I always happen to log on when the servers are all busy!

We should probably start talking about the main subject in this post: Ikemen Revolution. The last time I wrote was two days ago, so there isn't really as much to cover here, but there's some slightly-steamy stuff that I wanted to write about.

I'm having a bit of trouble remembering what I read yesterday...

So, Alice is on her next date with Jonah. She's starting to notice a weird feeling she gets whenever she's around him. Oh, I wonder what that could be?? He decides to take her back to that dessert place again, to have some more of that fancy mille-feuille.

Alice also notices that Jonah eats his dessert in an elegant way. So basically, he just eats food like a posh person. People like him are always well trained in table manners. So she asks him to teach her how to eat it like him.

He tells her that he doesn't like laying the mille-feuille on its side, unlike most people. Who even does that? I thought that you'd just leave it face-up to avoid ruining it. Also, he doesn't like letting the strawberry and whipped cream touch the plate, because it's not aesthetically pleasing. I just don't like it touching, because it wastes it when it gets stuck to the bottom. You usually can't salvage all of it unless you have a really good spoon or you just lick the plate.

The date soon ends, and Jonah returns back to the Red Army with a spring in his step. All of his colleagues notice that he's changed, but they don't really know why. It's so obvious that he's fallen for Alice at this point.

Jonah then gets called to Lancelot's office with Edgar. They discuss what happened when he visited the Black Army headquarters a few days prior. Lancelot confirms that there is no hidden other reason why he declared war, but there are a few hints that suggest that there actually is.

Their conversation then switches to talking about Jonah's change in mood. Edgar seems to think that he's happy because he's finally learned the enemy's weakness.

Lancelot tells Jonah to get a move on with wooing Alice, because he's being awfully slow at doing it.

After the meeting, Jonah realises that he's been wasting a whole lot of time. He needs to get Alice on their side, and fast. So, how does he plan to do this? You'll never guess what he does next... Actually, you probably will if you look at the screenshot below.

I smell something steamy coming up...

It is then time for Alice's next date with Jonah. He takes her in the carriage, all the way to the Red Army's headquarters, and into his bedroom.

Jonah starts making some very steamy suggestions, but Alice is completely oblivious to it all, of course. He wraps his arms around her, and basically asks her why she hasn't properly fallen for him yet.

The chapter ended at that point and I had run out of tickets, but I was really anxious to find out what would happen next. Luckily, I got to read the next bit today. I had actually forgotten this cliffhanger, until I opened the story back up.

Jonah starts kissing Alice's neck, and then she starts unbuttoning her blouse. She's a bit confused, but she almost considers just going along with it. Then she gets pushed on the bed, and Jonah starts unbuttoning his jacket too! Then he says a lot of sexy stuff to her, but Alice can see in his eyes that something's different about him.

Wow, this is escalating quickly. Jonah's basically about to rape our Alice. I did not expect this in the first place, nor did I expect him to get this far!

Alice gets a flashback to the Black Army boys teaching her self-defence, and she slaps him in the face. I've been reading a lot of MC slaps recently. She grabs his face and asks him what the hell is going on. She says that this isn't the real him, and that this must be so painful.

Jonah apologises, and he almost says that he likes Alice, but instead he just calls her a fool. Come on, why can't you be honest with your feelings? If you have the courage to call her an idiot, it shouldn't be that hard to admit your love for her!

Alice then hugs Jonah. Wait a minute, this man just tried to force his way into your knickers, are you sure that doing this is alright? But they just all forget about what just happened, and everything's all sunshine and rainbows again.

Jonah then suggests that they order in some food, so he goes out to order something sweet. In the meantime, Alice has to play with his hamster. How did we just get from sex to bloody hamsters??? The hamster's called Pineapple, which is a cute name at least.

They both sit together and eat a whole stack of macaroons. How did they manage to finish that without throwing up. Macaroons look so pretty, but once I've eaten one, I'm done. They're too sickly for me. Once I got a whole bag in Fortnum and Mason's up in London, and I regretted it so much because they made me feel sick. Too much sugar for me... I probably would've liked one of the really expensive decorated Easter eggs they had in there though. They were almost two-hundred quid though, so maybe not.

For the rest of the evening, Jonah and Alice just hang out in his room like two kids on a sleepover. But it's soon time for her to go home, so they both go out into the corridor for Alice to leave. Apparently, nobody else knows that Alice is here.

In the hallway, they unfortunately run into Edgar and Zero, who seem very suspicious. But, I then ran out of chapter tickets, so I have no idea what happens next...

Wow, that last chapter got quite intense, but they seemed to turn it around quite quickly. Some people wouldn't take none of that nonsense and just file a complaint, but Alice didn't seem to be too angry, apart from when she slapped Jonah. I did appreciate a bit of steaminess though.

 I was planning to write this post on Monday, but I absolutely could not wait. If I had done so, I would have a lot more to write about! The summer is basically over now, which is depressing. But it's nice to get back into being productive again.

I just realised that we've already reached over two hundred posts. Wow, that's a lot. Most blogs don't even manage to reach a hundred. I bet if I piled all of my posts together, it would make a big book. Probably not a really thick one though, but a slightly wide one maybe. But still, it's great that I've gotten so far.

That ends today's post. I'll see you all next week then, I suppose. Thank you so much for reading! :)

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