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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Ikemen Revolution Recap/Review No. 7

Hello, everybody. I'm back for another Ikemen Revolution post. I haven't actually read any of the story today because my Internet's acting up and none of my mobage games will load. Not even my Spotify on my phone, computer or iPod will load, but for some reason it's working on my Google Home. Not even my poor scrobbler will load. I'm just glad that Blogger's working, for now. I don't know what's up with things today. All of this nonsense is probably just my imagination playing tricks on me.

 Don't worry though, I still have the rest of the story to write about. I'm now realising how tiring it is writing billions of little posts for one route. I feel like I'm getting lazier and lazier with these...

So, last time we were reading, Jonah tried to take Alice by force on a very disasterous date, but they managed to turn it around and have some fun by stuffing their faces with macaroons. At then end of the night, they went out into the hallway and ran into Edgar and Zero.

I expected them to be very suspicious and angry, but they don't really seem to mind that Alice is there at all. Edgar mentions that Lancelot has gone out for an errand. (I cannot think of the word "errand" without thinking of this!)  Alice was just planning to leave and go home, but then he suggests that she stay for dinner. How nice of him. Our heroine accepts, even though she literally just ate a lot of sweets. Maybe she has a big appetite?

Zero's also there, and he seems nice enough, I suppose. He does tell Alice than Jonah has a secret group of followers. I expected them to be the token group of murderous fangirls, but they're just an innocent gang of Red Army officers who think that he's cool, that's all. The only person who is unaware of them is Jonah himself.

Everybody goes into the massive dining room, and some food get brought out for Alice. She wonders why nobody else is having anything, but they tell her that nobody in the Red Army dines together. I thought that in the military everybody ate in one big canteen together, but I suppose things work differently in Cradle.

But Alice insists that everybody sit down and eat something, so they all join in and have a massive feast together. Even Kyle joins in. I had forgotten, but he was the one earlier in the route who had a pint in the pub with Blanc and Oliver. He's the one who's been keeping tabs on Alice for the White Rabbit! I think he's also an alcoholic, and he acts a lot less formal than the other Red Army members.

Jonah's super picky with his food here, but we already knew that before. He still somehow manages to eat after eating all of those macaroons. I don't know how people eat them without immediately wanting to throw up and not touch any other food whatsoever.

Their lovely feast are interrupted when Lancelot bursts in. Before he can scold anybody for unauthorised dinner parties, Alice stands up and ends up organising a meeting between the Red and Black Armies. Good on her! I'm not really going into much detail here because I have a head ache and I can't remember much of this. Sorry. After that, Jonah acknowledges that he's a bit of a stubborn tsundere or something. I can only recall this because of the below screenshot I found on my iPod:

On the day of the magical meeting, Jonah and Alice meet up early, and go to a perfume shop. Jonah wants to buy our heroine a gift, because if the meeting goes well, he will no longer have to woo her and she'll go home and he won't get to see her again. He ends up purchasing her the female version of his signature cologne.

Alice then also compares her relationship with Jonah to a cake. She admits in her head that she has a crush on him, but she doesn't want to say anything because she thinks that he doesn't care for her, that he only wants to use her for the Red Army's purposes. COME ON, ALICE! If he didn't have feelings for you, why would he be buying you perfume??? He would just forget about you and let you go home, not send you a parting gift! It's so obvious that he likes you!! Maybe she's just oblivous to it because she doesn't consume that much romantic media...

Jonah can tell that something's up with her, and tells her to just spit out her feelings. He hates it when people are vague and don't speak their minds. But our Alice doesn't get a chance to say anything, because they're attacked by these random cloaked blokes. (I only used the last two words because they rhymed!)

They are actually not random people, I just use that word too often. These cloaked blokes work for this person called Amon, who deals in magic crystals. They're working with Lancelot, who we now know for sure is hiding something. Jonah finds it very hard to believe that his beloved King of Hearts has some hidden agenda.

These faceless minions tell Jonah that his Alice wooing project is going too slowly, so they're here to hurry things up and kidnap her themselves. Then they can use her as a guinea pig for magic research.

Luckily, Jonah has some decent swordplay skills that stop these bad guys from getting away with their plan. Our love interest then decides to go to the meeting and ask Lancelot himself about his plans. Then it ended, and I don't know what happens next. I'm going to be annoyed if today's chapter tickets are wasted because of my Internet.

I'm sorry if this post is really short. I'm getting a bit burnt out with this constant blogging, so I think that I'm going to try and write fewer posts on these games. I'm still going to get all of the plot recappy stuff in, but just in longer posts, instead of multiple small ones. I find that writing the non-Ikemen related posts are more fun, because I don't have to write so many. It probably sounds like I'm being lazy, but if I keep doing this, I'm going to get burnt out with one of my favourite hobbies. I was going to start another mobage route too, but I might postpone that for a bit too. Sorry, but that's just the way I'm going to run things. Now I know why most bloggers make one post per-route instead of these diary-style posts that I make. This new plan will hopefully ensure that I make better quality content, too!

I suppose I'll see you all later, then. Goodbye. Sorry about this post's bad quality, I'm just not feeling as up to it today.

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